Spoilers: Jasmine goes missing after Tori involves the cops in Home and Away

Jasmine’s (Sam Frost) mental health has reached a breaking point as she struggles to deal with Tori (Penny McNamee) saying she can’t see Grace. Willow (Sarah Roberts) and Irene (Lynne McGranger) find out she has escaped from the house through her bedroom window and worry about her whereabouts.

Meanwhile, Tori is confronted by Jasmine showing up at her house unannounced, demanding to see Grace. Colby (Tim Franklin) shows up and says the Morgans can press charges. Justin (James Stewart) reacts to the situation by urging her to seek legal action.

As Tori endures Jasmine sending increasingly frantic texts into the night, she tells Justin she has decided to go ahead with an AVO. However, she wants to ensure her friend receives the right psychological care in the meantime and draws up a mental health plan.

Jasmine brightens when she sees Tori show up at her house, but to her dismay, Tori is simply telling her she needs psychological help. It looks like she is considering the care plan – until Colby officially serves her with the AVO papers.

Confronted with the reality that she is legally barred from seeing Tori or Grace, she goes to the Morgan house one last time and tells her she’s taken away everything she ever wanted. Then Irene returns home to see a note from Jasmine revealing she’s left the Bay…

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