Spoilers: Jasmine steals Christian from Tori in Home and Away?

Tori (Penny McNamee) has been left with her head in a spin lately due to a handsome new doctor called Christian Green (Ditch Davey) showing up at the hospital to perform Justin’s (James Stewart) spinal surgery. The pair have had several awkward moments together, with Tori unsure how to handle being attracted to someone new.

As it’s been two years since her breakup with Ash (George Mason) and she’s now a mum to baby Grace, Tori believes she doesn’t have time for romance – but right after the surgery is over, Tori gushes to Christian in the lift about how grateful she is before impulsively kissing him.

Tori does her best to avoid Christian and confesses everything to Justin and Leah (Ada Nicodemou) when she sees them in the Diner, but the pair are excited for her and Leah says it wasn’t such a bad mistake to kiss Christian – especially if he didn’t reject her. Perhaps there’s something there?

However, Tori is repeatedly dismissive of a potential relationship with the neurosurgeon and says she isn’t sure about romance in the workplace. Leah encourages her to talk to Christian about how she’s feeling, but she has no time after a hard day at work.

In the evening, she goes to Salt to pick up takeaway for herself, and runs into Jasmine (Sam Frost). As they start talking, Tori notices Christian sat at a table for two out on the balcony. Jasmine mentions she’s having dinner with him, and a heartbroken Tori puts two and two together…

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