Spoilers: Jasmine wanders into the ocean fully clothed in Home and Away

Jasmine’s (Sam Frost) life continues to be put through the wringer after the devastating news of her husband Robbo’s (Jake Ryan) death. Although her grief was briefly alleviated by the discovery she was pregnant with his baby, it isn’t long before the ultrasound yields life-changing results.

To her horror, Jasmine discovers she has experienced a hysterical pregnancy – where her body mimicked all the symptoms of pregnancy without actually conceiving a child. Wendy (Amanda Muggleton), who has attended the ultrasound with Tori (Penny McNamee), struggles to comprehend it, which only makes Jasmine feel worse.

Unable to process her grief, Jasmine is left in the firing line as Wendy criticises her, questioning if Jasmine was ever telling the truth about being pregnant. Fortunately, Tori is there to protect her friend against Wendy, but eventually Jasmine runs away in her distress.

Later, Tori finds Jasmine at the beach, and it’s clear her emotional state has not improved. In fact, both Tori and Willow (Sarah Roberts) see their friend begin to walk towards the ocean fully clothed, and continue into the waves.

The two women fetch their friend out of the water and take her home, but it’s clear Jasmine is grieving another loss now. When Wendy apologises for her behaviour later, Jasmine breaks down in her arms. The next day, Jasmine seems to be doing much better – and she begins to fixate on Grace in a way that leads to raised eyebrows…

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