Spoilers: Jasmine’s erratic behaviour alienates her friends in Home and Away

Jasmine (Sam Frost) has been going through a lot since the death of her husband Robbo (Jake Ryan), and the grieving process led to her having a hysterical pregnancy – where her body mimicked the physical symptoms of pregnancy without a baby being there.

Now Jasmine is closing herself off from the world, especially in the aftermath of a struggling Colby (Tim Franklin) telling her they shouldn’t talk for a while so he can take some time out for himself. Taking it personally, Jasmine avoids work and lashes out at anyone who approaches her.

When Willow (Sarah Roberts) is knocked back after a suggestion of watching a movie, she doesn’t particularly mind, but matters get more serious when Jasmine refuses to be involved in the running of her gym. Faced with no other option, Willow speaks to Colby.

The situation reaches breaking point after Colby reaches out to Jasmine. She quickly discovers that he and Willow were talking about her, and goes to confront her friend. In an explosive confrontation, Jasmine loses it completely before going for a run.

Later, she finds herself at Tori’s (Penny McNamee) house and vents about how she feels everyone is watching her and judging her. Tori is exhausted and leaves Jasmine to watch Grace while she goes to bed – but when Justin (James Stewart) gets in and sees her there, he isn’t impressed…

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