Spoilers: Jasmine’s fake online mum profile is uncovered in Home and Away?

Jasmine’s (Sam Frost) mental health has taken a turn for the worse lately, as she continues to struggle with the loss of her husband Robbo (Jake Ryan) and the aftermath of a hysterical pregnancy. Willow (Sarah Roberts) doesn’t see anything is wrong, though, as Jasmine suggests a yoga class for mums and babies to promote the gym.

When Jasmine proposes that Grace is the poster child, she asks Tori (Penny McNamee) for permission and she is elated at the chance to have a photoshoot with her daughter. However, behind the scenes, Jasmine is being increasingly possessive with Grace – and she is now posting on the mother’s forum as if Grace is her child.

Her pictures with Grace soon prove to be her downfall as a selfie at the gym leads to a mother commenting by asking if she’s at Summer Bay Fit. Jasmine realises her cover could be blown if someone comes to the Bay and asks the wrong questions at the wrong time…

Before too long, Jasmine’s worst nightmares are realised as she is out with Grace the next morning, taking marketing photos for the new yoga class with Willow. She heads back to the gym, but is stunned to see a mum looking for her.

Willow is suspicious as the mum says she’s from the forum, and Jasmine thinks quickly by ushering her away before she reveals anything in front of her friend. As they go out for a walk together, Jasmine is left realising she’ll need to come up with a solution to get the mum out of the Bay – and fast…

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