Spoilers: Leah lashes out at a Diner customer in Home and Away

Leah (Ada Nicodemou) and Justin (James Stewart) have been slowly building up their relationship again after her traumatic experience with Douglas (Adam Booth), but as they enjoy coffee together Leah receives a call from the prosecution – they want her to give a victim impact statement.

Confronted with opening old wounds, Justin says he will support her no matter what but isn’t sure she should do it. While wondering if she’s really processed enough of the trauma, Leah goes back to work at the Diner, feeling pensive.

Justin is reluctant to leave Leah for her shift, but Irene (Lynne McGranger) persuades him she will look after her. Leah starts out working in the kitchen, not wanting to interact with customers, but when the Diner gets busy she has to start taking food out.

When Leah sees Colby (Tim Franklin) arrive, she immediately sees his injured leg from being stabbed by Douglas and is full of guilt, but Colby assures her he is getting better and is more concerned that she’s OK.

Although most of Leah’s shift goes well, everything goes wrong when a customer says he’s received the wrong order, calling her ‘sweetheart’ as he discusses it. The word triggers Leah into painful flashbacks from her time with Douglas, and she flies off the handle, yelling at him as everyone in the Diner stares…

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