Spoilers: Life-threatening injuries and shock confessions in Home and Away

This week on Home and Away, Mia struggles with heartbreaking news in the aftermath of the car crash, while Dean and Nikau’s lives hang in the balance. Newcomer Dr Logan Bennett flies in via helicopter to rescue Dean, while Christian is faced with two challenging surgeries in a bid to save Nikau.

Elsewhere, Bella and Ziggy are faced with the reality of their feelings for their exes as Dean and Nikau remain in critical condition. Bella confesses to Ziggy that she still loves Nikau, while Ziggy sneaks off to visit Dean – and Tane discovers she has lied about her ex for a second time…

Here’s what’s coming up on Home and Away for the week beginning Monday 13 September.

Christian’s proposal doesn’t go to plan

Christian has been planning the perfect day full of romantic surprises for Tori, which he aimed on ending with his second proposal to her. After flowers and candles scattered throughout the house, a decadent brunch and a romantic meal on the jetty, Christian is preparing for the finale and fireworks when they both receive a call from the hospital – they need to go in and deal with the car crash patients. The pair stoically abandon their evening to save lives, but what does this mean for Christian’s big proposal?

Tori is outraged when Logan takes over the ED

Tori arrives at the hospital to assess and treat Dean, who has just been rushed in by Logan in critical condition. She begins to ask the nurses for scans to analyse the extent of the damage, but Logan tells her they have to operate right now if his life is going to be saved. Tori is outraged but is forced to bend to Logan’s wisdom and follow his plan. When Logan heads off after being obeyed, Tori is left rattled by the newcomer’s attitude…

Christian battles to save Nikau’s life

Christian gets to work on Nikau in the hospital and realises that, besides his collapsed lung, he is suffering from swelling on the brain. He prepares to operate, and the surgery goes well. However, the next day, he is called back in as Nikau has developed complications – a second brain bleed. As Christian goes back in for surgery, he faces one of the toughest moments of his career – will Nikau survive?

Mia has heartbreaking news for Ari

When Dr Logan Bennett arrives via helicopter to assist Dean, Nikau and Mia after their car crash, Mia tells him she’s pregnant and believes something is wrong. At the hospital, her worst fears are realised. Ari shows up when he finds out the news and Mia is distraught, telling him she’s had a miscarriage. Chloe arrives soon afterwards and Ari gently breaks the news to her, but Chloe is furious, telling him that he knew something like this could happen – but he recklessly took the risk and now look at what’s happened…

Ziggy lies to Tane about visiting Dean in hospital

Ziggy and Tane are just getting their relationship back on track when they learn that Dean, Mia and Nikau have been in a major car crash. As Tori briefs them on Dean’s critical condition in the hospital, Tane realises how deep Ziggy’s feelings are for her ex. The next day, Ziggy tells Tane that she’s off to work at the garage, but she sneaks off to visit Dean. Unfortunately, Tane also goes to the hospital to check on Nikau, and he sees Ziggy as he walks past Dean’s room. Faced with the reality of Ziggy’s feelings, he packs his bags and tells his girlfriend he can’t live this lie – they’re over, and he’s moving out…

Kieran decides he can’t remain in the Bay

Kieran has been trying to make his family relationships work, but life at home is far from rosy as Alf is clearly unhappy with having Martha’s son under his roof. When Kieran shows up one morning with tea and coffee, Martha and Roo are appreciative but Alf barely grumbles a thankyou. Kieran addresses the elephant in the room and acknowledges the situation isn’t working. Alf agrees, and Kieran says he will leave – but Martha says he has nowhere to go. However, she comes up with a solution – he can look after her house in Merimbula…

Bella tells Ziggy she still loves Nikau

Several Summer Bay favourites have been impacted by Mia, Dean and Nikau’s car crash, and one of them is Bella. Although the pair have been on poor terms in recent weeks, Bella is horrified by Nikau’s condition and her feelings for him are brought to the surface. As he goes through multiple surgeries for bleeding on the brain, then lies in hospital on life support, Bella is faced with the prospect of losing him and confides in Ziggy that she still loves him…

Justin’s career is thrown into jeopardy

Justin is doing well with his recovery, but he’s knocked for six when he gets a call from his landlord to inform him that the property is being sold. He quickly realises that his business could be in jeopardy if the buyer decides to convert the premises or knock it down.  With his money still tied up in police evidence, he can’t even buy the property himself. Leah watches on, helpless, as Justin comes to terms with the fact that his future could be over…

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