Spoilers: Luke Arnold reveals Lewis ‘makes terrible mistakes’ in Home and Away

Recent scenes on Home and Away showed Jasmine (Sam Frost) visiting Colby (Tim Franklin) in jail for the first time when she ran into an old friend – Lewis (Luke Arnold), her pal from university. The pair are set to reconnect after a decade apart, but all may not be smooth sailing as Lewis is dealing with some hefty baggage from his past.

Over drinks in Salt, Lewis reveals that his partner, Anna, died in a car crash. In fact, Luke Arnold says his character is only just starting to move forwards. ‘Lewis is taking his first steps towards finding his new ‘normal’ when he bumps into Jasmine. He’s only recently gone back into the workforce and is daring to imagine a future for himself. He’s been floating for a while, and Jasmine offers him a place to land.’

So does this mean there’s a chance for Jasmine to find love again? ‘Jasmine and Lewis were good mates who hooked up in their university days. It might have gone further if Lewis hadn’t met Anna. Now we see two people who have always had a connection, took different paths, but have now been gifted a second chance.’

Before we get too ahead of ourselves, it’s worth remembering that life is never simple in the Bay. ‘Lewis is ready to try with Jasmine, but he’ll have to let go of some emotions that he’s still holding onto.’ One of those emotions is directed at a particular person – and it’s none other than Tori’s (Penny McNamee) new partner, Dr Christian Green (Ditch Davey). 

As time goes on, we find out that Lewis blames Dr Green for Anna’s death. Now they’re both in the Bay, it’s not long before they bump into each other. ‘Lewis has been thinking about Christian for years, turning him into a monster in his mind. The first thing he has to wrestle with is whether this real person is as terrible as the man he’s been imagining. He wants to be open to the possibility he’s been wrong about Dr Green, but Christian’s actions don’t always make that easy.’

So will we see Lewis taking steps to seek justice for his wife? ‘At this stage, it’s still hard to tell. Things could go either way. Lewis is absolutely a good person, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t capable of making terrible mistakes.’

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