Spoilers: Mac and Ziggy have a curveball for Ari in Home and Away

Mac (Emily Weir) has recently moved into the Parata household after experiencing troubles with her own place, and the pair have been experiencing different opinions on the situation. While Ari (Rob Kipa-Williams) is under the assumption they live together full stop now, Mac still believes the arrangement is only temporary.

After being forced to live under the same roof as the woman he has feelings for, Tane (Ethan Browne) approaches Mac over her decision, telling her that it’s becoming increasingly difficult for him to live a normal life – especially with Ari suspicious that his absences from the house mean he must be up to no good again.

Mac is devastated when Tane says they cannot be and are not friends, so she begins looking for rental properties. However, Ari throws a spanner in the works by asking her to move in permanently after seeing her browsing new locations to live.

Aware of Tane’s discomfort, Mac is left feeling she has to leave, and she confides in Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) at her place – while Ziggy talks about her recent breakup with Dean. Looking around the Farm house, Mac realises how spacious and free the place feels – then she has an idea.

When Ari confides in Tane about his worries concerning the future of his relationship with Mac, Tane is careful not to mention the conversation he had with her which he now knows is triggering her behaviour. Ari’s worst fears are confirmed when Mac excitedly tells him she’s going to be moving in with Ziggy – and her bags are almost packed…

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