Spoilers: New arrivals, steamy scenes and surprise reunions in Home and Away

Life is never quiet in Summer Bay, and there’s plenty going on this week in Home and Away. As Dean (Patrick O’Connor) continues to struggle with life after his breakup and Colby’s (Tim Franklin) imprisonment, he flees to Mangrove River so he can go on an extended drunken bender. But when Bella’s (Courtney Miller) concern reaches breaking point, an unexpected ally goes looking for him.

Elsewhere, there are two new arrivals to look forward to. Martha’s (Belinda Giblin) son Kieran (Rick Donald) appears in the Diner, applying pressure on Marilyn (Emily Symons) to give up his mother’s address so he can go and see her. Plus, Jasmine (Sam Frost) bumps into an old friend from her nursing days. Could the rekindling of her connection with Lewis (Luke Arnold) mean the start of something new?

Meanwhile, there’s plenty of love – or lust – in the air, as Christian (Ditch Davey) reveals his plans for the future with Tori (Penny McNamee). At the garage, Justin (James Stewart) is furious to discover the police are investigating the premises, suggesting that Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) has feelings for Tane (Ethan Browne) and that’s why she helped him cover up his crime. As the pair rip off each other’s clothes in the scenes that follow, it looks like he was right…

Here’s what’s coming up in Home and Away this week.

Dean begins a reckless new life in Mangrove River

Bella becomes increasingly upset that Dean is nowhere to be found, but Mac (Emily Weir) and Ari (Rob Kipa-Williams) step in to support her by taking her to the Farm House for the night. While Bella feels she has no family left, the pair reassure her that they’re here for her.

Meanwhile, we see Dean get into a brawl in a pub in Mangrove River. He manages to escape due to help from a bartender, and ends up in her bed. In the morning, he listens to worried and angry emails from Bella and Colby, but will it be enough to make him return to the Bay?

Newcomer Kieran causes trouble for Marilyn, Martha and Alf

Martha has recently received a note from a mystery person saying they’ll be visiting soon, and now we see a newcomer called Kieran show up in the Diner. He asks Marilyn if she knows Martha before pressuring her to give him her address. 

Alf (Ray Meagher) soon realises Kieran is making Marilyn uncomfortable and intervenes. Meanwhile, Roo (Georgie Parker) and Marilyn have their work cut out trying to calm Martha. Kieran explains to Alf that he wants a chance to repair his relationship with his mum. But will all go to plan?

Taylor and Angelo leave the Bay

Angelo (Luke Jacobz) and Taylor (Annabelle Stephenson) have been trying to rebuild their broken marriage in the aftermath of Taylor’s affair with Colby during the homicide investigation. With Colby now in jail and Angelo’s services no longer required in the Bay, it’s time for them both to consider their next steps. 

Angelo bids Alf and Roo goodbye, and while the pair are sad to see their old friend leave again, the sight of Taylor leaving with him is a hopeful one. Indeed, the pair decide to give their relationship a fresh start and drive away for a new beginning.

Justin learns the police are investigating the garage

Justin is itching to head back to work as he goes over bills, telling Leah (Ada Nicodemou) he can go on light duties. He keeps trying to speak with Christian to get the official sign-off, but the doctor’s attention is being consistently taken up with Tori.

His frustrations reach boiling point when he receives a call from the police, saying the garage has become part of an ongoing investigation and they have a search warrant in place. He shows up at the premises and learns that his businesses’ details were found on a burner phone belonging to a man who was pulled over in a stolen car…

John lands a date with someone unexpected

John (Shane Withington) is continuing to use the Silver Dreams dating app on his quest to find new romance, but his efforts in the Diner are constantly being watched by Irene (Lynne McGranger) and Marilyn. He immediately calls Marilyn out for being nosey when she tries to subtly ask him how everything is going – but Irene has more luck with him later.

After admitting he’s still hurt after being stood up by his last date, John is surprised when Irene suggests they go to dinner together instead. Enjoying the meal together, they manage to have a good time – and John opens up about struggling to find someone he has a genuine connection with.

Ziggy and Tane finally give in to attraction

Justin is dealing with the cops storming the garage, trying to figure out how the business could be linked to a guy driving a stolen vehicle. When Ziggy learns about the police, she is filled with panic and immediately calls Tane. He tries to calm her down and decides to try and make her life easier. He goes to Justin and tells him the truth – he stashed stolen goods in the garage.

Ziggy is called in for a chat with Justin, who is furious that she didn’t tell him what was happening. While Ziggy’s job is on the line, Justin begins to hint that perhaps she helped Tane out because her feelings go beyond friendship. Furious, Ziggy vents at Salt later to Tane himself – only to end up ripping his clothes off in the bedroom later on…

Christian drops a bombshell on Tori

Tori is beginning to feel comfortable in her relationship with Christian, but it looks like Christian is much further along than her as he reveals plans to take things to the next level. Tori is stunned when he reveals he wants to stay in the Bay, and stop moving around so much so he can become a local.

Instead of being excited, Tori wonders why he would want to give up his exciting life to settle in a small town with her and a baby. She is hesitant to agree with his decision, causing confusion and speaking with Leah. Leaving Christian at home, she walks with Leah and is advised that Christian has simply found the woman he wants to be with. But will Tori let herself believe that?

Jasmine bumps into an old friend

Jasmine has made the difficult decision to visit Colby in prison, trying to reconcile the friend who Robbo told to look after her on his deathbed with the man who killed Ross Nixon. After a talk with Irene, she makes the trip to the prison and struggles with the strict rules in place, feeling disoriented.

However, a friendly face suddenly appears, and it’s the last person she’s expecting. An old friend from her nursing training days, Lewis, is working at the prison, and he helps to familiarise her with the prison’s system. He then suggests they get a drink in Salt later that evening. Could this be the start of something new for Jasmine?

Scenes air on Channel 5 from Monday February 15.

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