Spoilers: Rekindled love, ambush and surprising business deals in Home and Away

This week on Home and Away, it’s make or break for a number of relationships. Bella (Courtney Miller) tries to reconnect with Nikau (Kawakawa Fox-Reo) after he wakes up in hospital, but his harsh rejection leaves her stunned – now their roles have been reversed! Elsewhere, Jasmine (Sam Frost) is sick of Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) trying to pursue her after he snooped on her past, but he’s got another trick up his sleeve…

The love triangle between Ziggy (Sophie Dillman), Tane (Ethan Browne) and Dean (Patrick O’Connor) looks set to reach its conclusion, as Tane struggles through his heartbreak and Ziggy realises she forgives Dean after the pain of nearly losing him. Are the old couple about to have their second chance at a happily ever after?

Here’s what’s coming up for the week beginning Monday September 20.

Ryder reluctantly accompanies Chloe to touch footy

Chloe is down in the dumps due to her mum remaining in hospital, so Ryder makes it his mission to cheer her up. He brings her a coffee and suggests all the things he could do to pamper her. However, some sage advice from Alf leads to Ryder changing tack – and he asks her what she wants to do. To his horror, Chloe reveals she wants to be part of Cash’s touch footy team. Although he has been trying to avoid it, he realises he has no choice if he wants to support his girlfriend…

John offers to buy the garage so Justin can keep his business

Justin has been searching for new business premises after learning that his landlord has put the building up for sale. His viewings haven’t gone well so far, and his mood worsens when his lawyer confirms he won’t be getting back the money that Susie stole any time soon. However, John steps in and offers to buy the garage – that way, he can lease it out to Justin exactly how it is. Leah is all for it, but Justin isn’t too keen on mixing business and friendship…

Bella is ambushed by Ryder, Roo and Martha

Martha has recently come up with an idea for a fundraiser, but she needs the support of local artists. Ryder suggests Bella, and he goes to find her without saying what it’s for – believing the project will be a distraction from her woes about Nikau. However, Bella finds herself ambushed by Ryder and in a meeting she didn’t ask for with Roo and Martha. They ask for her help with the exhibition, but Bella isn’t ready to pick up her camera again…

Jasmine is unimpressed by Cash’s fake injury

Jasmine has been furious with Cash after she discovered he snooped on her to find out about her past with Robbo. She avoids him until she shows up to a touchy footy session, only to discover he’s the one leading it. After stalking away, Cash persuades her to play to make up the numbers, but she does so with poor grace. When Cash sprains his ankle, it’s pointed out that she is a nurse and she goes with him to ice it. But it soon becomes apparent he is faking the whole thing…has he just made the situation even worse?

Mia struggles with the aftermath of her miscarriage

Mia has been devastated to discover she’s miscarried after the horrific car crash she was in, and the second baby loss leads her to withdraw from Ari. When she is discharged, Ari tries to offer help, but Mia doesn’t want a bar of him. At home, Mia remains cold towards Ari, and the situation gets worse when she discovers he’s taken the ultrasound photo off the fridge. Exploding, she accuses him of trying to disregard everything that’s happened…

Tane rages at Bella over Nikau in the hospital

Tane is going through his first major heartbreak after realising he can’t be with Ziggy due to her feelings for Dean. He quickly learns through the grapevine that she is constantly by Dean’s side in the hospital and the reality of his new situation begins to grate on him. When he goes to visit Nikau, he isn’t happy to see Bella there and takes out his anger on her – blaming her for Nikau even being in hospital. Ari steps in just in time and forces his brother to go home, but has he already caused too much damage?

Dean notices potential for Logan and Mackenzie

Mackenzie has recently been introduced to newcomer Dr Logan Bennett after he was called in via air ambulance to save Dean’s life during the car crash. She has been grateful to him for saving her brother, but when they bump into each other it soon becomes clear there’s an attraction. Logan goes to visit Dean in the hospital, and Mackenzie is also there – and it isn’t long before Dean notices the unusual banter between the pair. He suggests to Mackenzie that the doctor is into her, but is Mackenzie ready for new love after her messy breakup with Ari?

Ziggy finds her way back to Dean and forgives him

Ziggy has broken up with Tane after he realised she still had feelings for Dean. Following their kiss at Bella’s exhibition, then Ziggy’s lies in order to go and visit him, Tane has realised he will never be the one for her. Jasmine notices that Ziggy is struggling, and gives her some simple advice – if you want to be with Dean, go be with him.

After the pain of nearly losing him in the crash, Ziggy realises that she forgives him for what happened with Colby and goes to see him in hospital so she can say – she’s all in…

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