Spoilers: Roo leaves the Bay with new love in Home and Away

Roo (Georgie Parker) has been involved in a blossoming romance with Evan’s twin brother Owen (Cameron Daddo) in recent weeks, with the pair spending more and more time together while he stays in the caravan park. After some initial doubts on Roo’s part, she soon warms to the new relationship.

However, she is worried by Owen’s emerging behaviour, where he seems distant and preoccupied. She suggests they spend time together, but he is busy doing things by himself – much to her confusion and upset.

After speaking with Marilyn (Emily Symons) at the Diner, she goes to ask Owen what’s going on, and he reveals he’s been thinking about his next steps. Roo hesitantly says it’s good for him to assess his life path – but is knocked for six when she asks what conclusion he’s come up with.

Owen nonchalantly tells her his next move is to leave the Bay, and when Roo asks if he’d miss anything about the Bay he says no, leaving her deeply hurt. When Alf (Ray Meagher) goes to confront Owen, he is shocked – and tells Roo’s father everyone has got it all wrong.

He goes to find Roo, who is behaving coldly towards him – until Owen says that he’d want her to come with him as he finds his next adventure. Alf and Ryder are faced with the news that Roo will be leaving the Bay with Owen – will she be coming back?

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