Spoilers: Roo struggles with secret struggle over Evan in Home and Away

Ryder (Lukas Radovich) has been waiting in a painful limbo to find out the news of Evan’s (Cameron Daddo) death after Roo (Georgie Parker)  travelled with him back to his hometown to make his final arrangements and pass away in as little pain as possible.

One afternoon, he walks into the house to see Roo’s bag on the table and a guitar in its case – which he immediately knows belongs to his dad. Realising what has happened, he stands in shock as Roo comes out and hugs him, saying how sorry she is.

Ryder sits with Roo and asks her about how he went, and Roo comforts him – he was as comfortable as possible and died in his sleep, with her holding his hand. He still takes the news hard and runs off to be alone, not replying to messages and leaving Roo to search the Bay for him. 

At the beach, Ryder watches the video of his father performing a song for him and, overcome with emotion, angrily throws his phone into the ocean. Suddenly panicked, he dashes into the water and retrieves the device – will it survive the plunge, or has he lost the only video he has of Evan forever?

Meanwhile, Roo is secretly struggling with her own emotions over Evan, and when she gives Ryder Evan’s guitar, she watches from behind as he begins to play it. It’s clear that she will hold it together for Ryder, but nobody is there to help with her own sorrow…

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