Spoilers: Ryder discovers Evan’s heartbreaking secret in Home and Away

Ryder (Lukas Radovich) has been getting closer to his dad, Evan (Cameron Daddo), who has turned up in the Bay out of the blue and claimed he wants to get to know his son after walking out on him as a baby. Although reluctant at first, Ryder begins to warm up to his long lost parent.

However, Alf (Ray Meagher) becomes increasingly suspicious of Evan, wondering why he has shown up and suspecting that Roo (Georgie Parker) is hiding something. While Martha (Belinda Giblin) is more understanding of Roo having her reasons for not sharing, Alf wants to be aware of the truth.

When Ryder suggests a sit down lunch to formally introduce Evan to Alf, the meal begins well – with Evan explaining himself and Alf beginning to warm to him. However, Roo becomes frustrated when Evan makes long term plans with Ryder, discussing road trips.

She hauls him to one side and asks him why he’s setting Ryder up for a huge fall, but Evan is stubborn and insists he isn’t going to tell his son that he’s dying. Making a difficult call, Roo eventually comes clean to Alf and Martha, who are stunned.

When Ryder gets home, he is greeted by Alf and Roo, who both look very serious. They ask him to sit down and gently tell him that Evan is dying. Roo’s words ring in his ears as Ryder realises the real reason his dad has come to the Bay – he doesn’t have long left…

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