Spoilers: Ryder prepares for Evan’s death in Home and Away

Ryder (Lukas Radovich) has been through the wringer lately, after discovering a musician called Evan (Cameron Daddo) who showed up in the Bay was his father. Despite his initial reluctance to get to know the man who abandoned him and only returned when he was 19, he since went on to bond with him and the two had been spending a lot of time together.

However, Roo (Georgie Parker) had been keeping a secret from everyone – Evan had revealed to her that he is dying, which is why he went to look for his son. As his illness got worse, she made the tough decision to tell Ryder the truth after Evan repeatedly refused to be honest and tried to sweep his health under the rug.

Now Ryder has been left with Alf (Ray Meagher) in the Bay while Roo and Evan travel together to Queensland where they will find a place for Evan to live out his final days in as little pain as possible. After a few days of not hearing anything, Ryder becomes restless and frustrated with living in limbo.

He tells Mackenzie (Emily Weir) he wants to return to work, and she lets him back onto the rota despite her concerns that it might be too soon. However, Ryder tells her he needs the distraction – but when he isn’t on shift he confesses to Alf that he is struggling with not knowing what’s happening. That said, even if he were to receive the call, he doesn’t know if he would answer.

Alf tells him he will answer for him when the time comes, which gives Ryder some comfort. However, Roo does eventually call – when Ryder is working. After some hesitation, he picks up, and is relieved to hear that both she and Evan sound OK. He finds out the end is near for Evan, and makes sure he holds onto every last moment he has with his father…

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