Spoilers: Sophie Dillman spills about Ziggy and Tane’s romance in Home and Away

Scenes on Home and Away this week reveal that Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) has a shock after cops swarm Justin’s (James Stewart) garage, looking for evidence linked to Tane’s (Ethan Browne) illegal activities. When Tane confesses to Justin about how he stashed a van full of stolen gear in the garage, Ziggy has a sit-down with her boss – and ends up furious.

Justin suggests that Ziggy is into Tane, as the pattern of her helping him is all too similar to what happened with her and Dean (Patrick O’Connor). However, she strongly denies anything is going on and ends up venting about the conversation in Salt with Tane.

After a few drinks, the pair agree that it’s ridiculous anyone would think they’re attracted to each other – before ripping each other’s clothes off in the bedroom. What makes Ziggy take the leap? Actress Sophie Dillman, who plays Ziggy, says: ‘A combination of things. The attraction, the want to be loved, her need to feel less alone, her spontaneous nature…and maybe a little Dutch courage also!’

So are Tane and Ziggy Summer Bay’s hottest new couple? ‘I’m not sure if Ziggy is ready to forgive Dean and enter into a relationship with someone else. After what happened during her marriage with Brody (when he cheated on her with Simone), Ziggy has had a really hard time trusting people.’

That doesn’t mean the pair can’t have something light and casual, though. ‘I think the timing is right for Ziggy and Tane – they both give each other what they need at the right time. They both want to have some really innocent fun and mature conversations (and no drama!)’

In the past, we would have seen Ziggy confiding in her mum about anything that went wrong in her life – but now Maggie (Kestie Morassi) and Ben (Rohan Nichol) are off living in a new life in Italy. This means there’s now a new, grown-up Ziggy considering her future in the Bay. 

‘Although I miss my Astoni work family terribly, it is nice to play an independent version of Ziggy. She isn’t a daughter who runs to her mother for help anymore. She is an independent woman who makes her own decisions.’

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