Spoilers: Tane ditches Mackenzie to sleep with Amber in Home and Away

Amber (Madeleine Jevic) has recently arrived in the Bay as John’s (Shane Withington) potential new carer, but she soon recognises some old faces from Mangrove River – namely, Willow (Sarah Roberts), Colby (Tim Franklin) and Dean (Patrick O’Connor). Struggling with anger over Colby not saving her brother from dying when he could have, everyone bears the brunt of her emotions.

She is even more angry when she sees Colby in his police uniform, and she won’t join the others in their forgiveness of him when Dean points out that’s what they’ve done. However, she sees Dean’s point about not taking it out on Willow and invites her out for a drink.

At Salt, Amber celebrates being offered the role of John’s carer and the pair begin to heal the rift between them. While Willow enjoys being her old self again, getting into a wild night with her old friend, Amber is distracted by Tane (Ethan Browne).

Tane has begun his first shift at Salt, and struggles with being told what to do. Meanwhile, Mackenzie (Emily Weir) is finding it hard to deal with her attraction to the other Parata brother – and the guilt of having eyes for him while she’s dating Ari (Rob Kipa-Williams). 

When Amber turns on the charm for Tane, he finds it hard to resist and quickly reorders his priorities, leaving his shift to take Amber home. As Nikau (Kawakawa Fox-Reo) and Bella (Courtney Miller) have their home date crashed by the two noisily making their way to the bedroom, Mac soon realises Tane has ditched work for a woman…

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