Spoilers: Tori is disturbed by Jasmine’s gift in Home and Away

Tori (Tori McNamee) and Jasmine (Sam Frost) have recently reached breaking point after it was revealed Jasmine was posting on a mother’s forum, pretending to be Grace’s mum. After time at the farm with Robbo’s (Jake Ryan) parents, Jasmine has returned to the Bay and agreed to attend therapy.

While Irene (Lynne McGranger) offers to come with her for her first session, Jasmine is suspicious and wonders if she wants to be there to check she doesn’t lie about her attendance. However, in reality, Jasmine really was going to attend and the session proves to be tough.

After some tough questions from the counsellor, Jasmine finally begins to break through her walls around Robbo’s death and confront her grief, along with other emotions such as anger that her husband left her so soon after their wedding. 

When the session is over, Irene realises after a reminder on her phone that it’s Jasmine and Robbo’s one-year wedding anniversary. Once Tori becomes aware, she goes to Jasmine and suggests that she spend time with her and Grace.

Feeling buoyed by the gesture from Tori, Jasmine goes to give her an album full of photos of Grace which she had previously kept hidden. However, once Jasmine has left, Tori is disturbed to discover that the photos make it look like Jasmine and Robbo are Grace’s parents…

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