Spoilers: Will Bella choose Nikau or Colby in Home and Away?

Nikau (Kawakawa Fox-Reo) and Bella’s (Courtney Miller) re-started relationship is blossoming, especially now that Bella has received an extended dose of equine therapy and returned to life in the Bay with a much happier and more stable outlook on life and her future. 

The pair have begun going on dates again, with one on the beach featuring Nikau telling her about how special the beach is to him. He tells her a traditional story from New Zealand, which was passed down through the generations from his ancestors.

However, their bliss is regularly interrupted by the fact that Bella’s brother Colby (Tim Franklin) clearly disapproves of the relationship. Despite Bella telling Colby that she wants to be treated as the adult she now is following her return from therapy, he is still regularly ejecting him from the flat and any other situations where he sees them together.

When Bella and Nikau are enjoying a quiet night in, Colby returns from his shift and immediately sends Nikau away. Bella is furious, and tells Colby to stop making her choose between him and her boyfriend, because she will choose Nikau.

Colby is forced to decide whether he wants to lose his sister over the youngest Parata, but his conviction that Nikau was involved in Tori’s (Penny McNamee) car-jacking has him confident that he’s a bad influence on his little sister. Will he back off, or make matters worse for the young couple?

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