Spoilers: Will Ben and Maggie divorce in Home and Away?

Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) and Ben (Rohan Nichol) have recently found out that Maggie (Kestie Morassi) and Ben’s brother Marco (Tim Walter) slept together just before she became pregnant with Ziggy. With the knowledge that Marco could be Ziggy’s real father, the Astonis got paternity tests to discover the truth.

As the results come out, Marco, Ziggy and Ben are struggling to come to terms with the news. It becomes clear that the Astoni family are at breaking point, and Maggie is being left in the dark while her husband and daughter shut her out.

Meanwhile, Marco walks back into Maggie’s life and finally delivers her the news she’s been waiting for. Expressing his feelings about the situation, Marco goes on to say that he’s in love with Maggie and always has been. However, Maggie doesn’t want to hear it.

In fact, she delivers Marco an ultimatum of her own – if he doesn’t leave the Bay for good, she’s going to tell his parents how he’s run their business into the ground. Realising he has no future with Maggie, Marco reluctantly says his goodbyes to the Bay.

Later, Maggie tries everything to begin a conversation with Ben, but nothing works. He continues to retreat, and he realises he can’t find a way to get through the fact his wife lied to him for 22 years. Is this the end of Ben and Maggie’s marriage?

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