Spoilers: Ziggy and Tane take their relationship to the bedroom in Home and Away

Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) and Tane (Ethan Browne) have struck up a friendship via Mac (Emily Weir) in recent months, with their connection deepening after she took him on at the garage while Justin (James Stewart) was in hospital. However, their friendship was put to the test when she discovered him stashing stolen goods at the workplace.

After doing her best to handle the situation without telling Justin, Ziggy believed the worst was behind her after she and Willow ditched the stolen vehicle. However, she is working one morning when the cops show up with a search warrant. 

Her worst fears realised, she picks up the phone in a panic and tries to get hold of Tane. She freaks out, telling him she doesn’t know what she’ll do if the business ends up going under because of her. Tane is left feeling guilty about dragging her into the mess and wonders how he can make things right.

Later, after Ziggy has had a difficult conversation with Justin that has left her job on the line, she shows up at Salt and vents to Tane. While Justin was furious with her for not telling him what was going on with Tane, he also had a theory which made her furious.

He suggested that the way she helped Tane wasn’t too different from the way she helped Dean – and they ended up together. Does she have feelings for Tane? In the bar, she denies the allegation, just as she did to Justin. But it isn’t long before Ziggy and Tane are ripping off each other’s clothes in the bedroom…

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