Spoilers: Ziggy discovers Tane’s van of stolen goods in Home and Away

Tane (Ethan Browne) has recently started work at the garage for Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) in Home And Away while Justin (James Stewart) is out of action, but it isn’t long before he’s back to his old ways – and using the garage as a base for his criminal activities.

His dealings soon go wrong as he cannot get a van stuffed with stolen goods moved by the morning as promised, leaving him to hastily make up a cover story when Ziggy asks about it. 

Tane spends a stressful day on the phone trying to get the van moved while Ziggy checks in a few times asking when the ‘client’ is coming to pick up the van that Tane took on for ‘a tire change’. 

His mood soon falls further when he discovers he will have to keep the van at the garage for a second night. He tells Ziggy he can lock up to keep her away from the situation and gets back on the phone.

However, Ziggy goes back to the garage and Tane doesn’t see her. She rounds a corner and hears Tane having a heated discussion on the phone.

Then she sees the back of the van – which is filled with stolen goods…

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