Struggle with Daylight Saving Time? Amazon Reviewers Say This Sunrise Clock Will Help You Adjust

It's that time of the year again: Daylight Saving Time 2021 begins this Sunday, March 14, where the majority across the country will spring their alarm clocks forward by an hour. The yearly change signifies the beginning of spring (as well as longer days), but for those with regular circadian rhythms, it could mean a period of disruptions. If you're a sleeper with a strict nightly routine, the changes caused by Daylight Saving Time can be hard to adapt to. Thankfully, Amazon shoppers say sunrise alarm clocks, like Philips' HF3520/60 SmartSleep Wake-Up Light, can help.

For reviewers on Amazon who struggle with modifying their sleep schedules to the yearly shift in clocks, Philips' Wake-Up alarm clock has "helped immensely in adjusting [their] circadian rhythm" by simulating sunlight and sunset. The sunrise alarm clock currently has more than 6,500 five-star ratings, with shoppers calling it the "best way to wake up" and a device that's changing their "sleep patterns for the better."

Buy It! Philips HF3520/60 SmartSleep Wake-Up Light, $99.95;

For sunrise, set the alarm clock to the time you'd like to wake up and the clock will gradually increase its brightness 30 minutes before your desired time. This process of increasing the light in your room mirrors the effects of sunrise and stimulates your body to wake up according to circadian rhythm. Tap the clock to snooze and the alarm clock will gently wake you up again in nine minutes. 

The clock is capable of sunset simulation, too, and can prepare your body to fall asleep by gradually decreasing light. Plus, the display self-adjusts according to the brightness in the room, becoming brighter when your bedroom is filled with light and darker as you're trying to sleep. 

If you need noise to wake you up, the clock also offers five different sounds — from "forest birds" to "ocean waves" — that gradually increase in volume a minute and half before you wake up. And since light sensitivity differs for everyone, the Philips sunrise clock allows you to choose from 20 intensities (up to 300 lux) for its sunrise wake-up program.

A reviewer called Philips' SmartSleep Wake-Up clock 'life-changing," adding, "This has really changed my sleep routine. I realized screaming noises from my phone weren't the best way to wake up in the morning. This alarm wakes me up with light and with the sound of birds gently chirping and I'm not jolted awake by surprise."

"I bought this for my teenager who kept waking up too late for her college classes," said another shopper. "To my surprise, she has found it very effective. She said it makes her feel more alert by the time the alarm goes off, and she does not fall back asleep like she does with a typical alarm… My daughter typically has a horrible time adjusting to daylight saving in the spring, and with this alarm, she had no trouble."

The HF3520/60 model isn't the only SmartSleep Wake-Up Light clock that Philips has: Other models like the HF 3505/60 that's more affordable offers 10 light intensities. The less-than-$50 HF3500/60 version lacks FM radio, but still provides the essential light settings. For an even more luxurious pick, check out the HF3650/60 clock that comes with breathing and relaxation exercises that can help you wind down before bed.

Shop these Philips alarm clocks below, and don't forget to spring forward this upcoming Sunday. 

Buy It! Philips HF3520/60 SmartSleep Wake-Up Light, $99.95;

Buy It! Philips HF3505/60 Wake-up Light With 2 Natural Sounds, $86.70 (orig. $96.41);

Buy It! Philips HF3500/60 SmartSleep Wake-Up Light, $39.99 (orig. $49.99);

Buy It! Philips HF3650/60 SmartSleep Sleep and Wake-Up Light, $159.95 (orig. $199.99);

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