Tarek El Moussa Hints at His Wedding Date to Fiancée Heather Rae Young on HGTV's House Party

Tarek El Moussa is dropping hints about his wedding to Heather Rae Young.

The Flip or Flip star, 39, teased several details about the upcoming nuptials — including when the event will likely take place — on the latest episode of the new discovery+ series HGTV House Party. In the episode, El Moussa plays a game called "Heather Know Best," where he is quizzed by hosts and longtime HGTV producers Loren Ruch and Brian Balthazar on a variety of wedding-related questions and tries to match his answers to his fiancée's.

First, El Moussa is asked if he thinks the 33-year-old Selling Sunset star would prefer a big or a small wedding. He says small — which is correct.

"I'm hearing the audience roaring," El Moussa jokingly says after nailing the first question. "Stadium's going wild.

However, El Moussa stumbles on the next question when he incorrectly says Young would prefer cupcakes over cake.

He gets back on track with the next two questions, correctly saying that his fiancée would prefer a beach honeymoon over a mountain getaway and she'd like to have both a DJ and a live band during their wedding reception.

The couple's answers are also on par regarding if Young wants her face smashed with cake at the wedding (she doesn't) and if El Moussa should wear a tux or a suit (They both say tux).

And when El Moussa is asked what he thinks Young believes is the best month for the pair to tie the knot, he says September. One of the hosts reads Young's answer to the question, which says, "Depends on location, whenever the heat isn't too bad."

"That's why I said September," El Moussa says with a smile.

The home renovator finishes off the game strong by correctly guessing that Young is more in favor of spending months of planning the wedding — which El Moussa says she's already done — as opposed to eloping.

El Moussa and Young got engaged on July 25 while celebrating their one-year anniversary with a boat trip to Catalina Island in California. The couple first met on the Fourth of July in 2019 and confirmed their relationship with joint Instagram posts that August.

Chatting with PEOPLE's Reality Check in November, El Moussa — who shares kids Taylor, 10, and Brayden, 5, with ex-wife and HGTV costar Christina Anstead — revealed some additional details about he and Young's forthcoming wedding.

"I can't confirm where, but it was going to possibly be Catalina Island and it's no longer gonna be Catalina Island, so stay tuned," he said.

El Moussa has also previously hinted that the ceremony may be in an international destination. The pair have vacationed in Paris and Hawaii together, and most recently visited Mexico for a winter getaway.

Tarek added, "We don't want to have a super big wedding, but our small wedding is probably gonna be someone else's big wedding, so we'll see how things go. But we're planning on doing it far enough out to where hopefully the pandemic settles down a little."

HGTVS's House Party is streaming now on discovery+.

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