The 6 biggest bathroom trends for 2021 have been revealed

Here are the biggest and best bathroom trends for 2021, and tips on how to style them.

If there’s one thing people need in 2021, it’s a refresh. And with all of us having spent so much time locked down and working from home this year, it only makes sense to do that in the form of some home improvements.

While bedrooms and kitchens might seem like the most obvious first choice for renovations given how much time we spend in them, the bathroom specialists over at Drench have found that a lot of Brits have some wants and needs for their bathrooms that really need addressing.

Their recent survey found that a massive 47% of people in the UK say they want to make their bathrooms more modern, while 24% want to upgrade their baths and showers and 19% have reported a need to improve functionality. 

As Drench’s Interior Design Specialist Dominic Lees-Bell so rightly says: “After spending so much time inside this year, it’s no wonder Brits want to make their home a haven.”

And, thanks to Drench, we have the inside scoop on the best ways to bring that sense of luxury, comfort and style into your bathroom. They have revealed some of the biggest bathroom trends you can expect in 2021, to give you inspiration to make the changes you want to see. 

Upgrade your space with marble surfaces 

Drench noted a big uptick in sales for marble features as 2020 went on, and it’s clear to see why. Marble surfaces in a bathroom make the space feel bright and luxurious in equal measure, and go well with just about any design style, whether you’ve opted for a modern style or something more traditional.

Try pairing neutral marble with gold fittings and features for a bold, eye-catching look, or bring in some leafy green houseplants such as eucalyptus and ferns for something a little more natural and colourful. 

Introduce calm with natural features 

Speaking of the more natural side of things, why not try incorporating the outdoors into your bathroom design? According to Drench, sales of natural wood have increased by 197% over the past year and waterfall taps by 77%, showing that there’s a growing desire to bring the relaxing influence of the outside world indoors.

Add some vases of flowers, potted plants and accessories made of natural materials to really make the look pop. 

Bold, black taps are making a splash 

Black taps and other accessories are a bold way to give your bathroom a modern makeover, and look great together with stark white surfaces and sleek design. They’ve been a pretty big deal on Instagram and Pinterest for a few years now, and sales of jet black fittings just keep on rising.

If you’re feeling a little more adventurous, Dominic Lees-Bell suggests trying black fixtures “against one of the top bathroom colours for 2021: pink. But, even if you don’t want to be as daring with such a romantic colour, black really does work well with most colours.”

Brass details will warm your space 

If black isn’t your bag, then brass fixtures and accessories might be the way forward. Unlike the stark contrast of black taps, showers and radiators, brass ones add a sense of warmth to what can otherwise feel like a pretty cold space. 

Industrial design is on the rise 

Why not try something completely different with a minimalist, industrial style bathroom. Think concrete surfaces and heavy duty taps, the likes of which have surged in popularity by a whopping 400% this year, according to Drench.

If you like the industrial look but prefer a slightly brighter bathroom, you can use brass fittings or lighter wood to provide a point of contrast. 

Eco-friendly toilets are the way forwards 

It’s encouraging to see that sales of eco-friendly toilets have been on the up in the past year. Not only do rimless toilets and flush plates look more sleek and elegant, but they are also a great way to save water, something we should all be aiming to do more of. 

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