The Bachelor’s Nick Viall Reveals He Bought His First House: 'It’s Never Too Late to Change'

The Bachelor’s Nick Viall just made a major commitment: buying his first home.

The 39-year-old reality star announced the move on his Instagram page Tuesday with a selfie taken in front of a real estate lawn sign.

“[Six] years ago I left a career I really liked for a chance to do something I loved,” he wrote alongside the picture. “I did it at a point in my life where the expectation was to settle in and live the life I had. 6 years later I’m buying MY First HOUSE and doing what I love. It’s never too late to change things up and take a few risks.”

The next day, he showed off his new digs with a video that featured the song “Moving on Up.” Though he’s spinning around in the video, it offers glimpses of the space, including a spacious kitchen and living area as well as large glass doors leading outside.

Lately, Viall has been catching up with his fellow Bachelor Nation stars on his Patreon series, Nick V Talks Trash TV: A Bachelor and His Exes Tell All. He recently chatted with ex Vanessa Grimaldi about the reasons they broke up.

"We just weren't able to match or meet each other halfway," Grimaldi recalled, according to E! News. "Although we thought we were."

"We would always hear, 'Everyone fights while it's airing, everyone does,'" added Viall. "'Once the season's over, it's going to get better.' And it just didn't for us."

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Despite their relationship struggles, the reality star shared that his time on season 24 of Dancing With the Stars “was a brief, enjoyable period” for him and Grimaldi.

"That was the one thing we both enjoyed,” he said. “Once Dancing with the Stars was done, we were like, ‘Oh, it wasn't because of The Bachelor that we can't get along.'"

Grimaldi admitted that they thought that their trip to Mexico for Evan Bass and Carly Waddell's wedding in June 2017 might help repair the relationship, but it didn’t work out that way. "I actually thought, 'Huh, maybe like a romantic getaway is going to have us reconnect to one another," she said. "I was really hopeful that it was going to … and it didn't."

"We were just like, we're going to break up instead," Viall noted after sharing that they contemplated skipping their friends’ nuptials. "Both of us didn't want to go down there and try to be happy and have it be filmed. But for whatever reason, we weren't ready to end it."

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