The Beckhams have doubled their Cotswolds home value, according to property experts

Victoria Beckham and David Beckham have an impressive property portfolio, including a luxury residence in the Cotswolds.

REVEALED: Inside The Beckhams’ incredible Miami home enlisted the expertise of an estate agent from to evaluate the renovations made to The Beckhams’ countryside home in order to estimate the value increase.

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They concluded that the A-list family have increased the property’s value from around £6million to £12million!

Where do the Beckhams live?

The Beckham family own a converted barn in the Great Tew estate, which is located in Chipping Norton, a quaint Cotswolds town.

Cruz poses in the family outdoor hot tub

The luxury house often plays host to family parties, including Brooklyn Beckham’s 21st birthday.

What renovations have the Beckhams made to their Cotswolds home?

The key upgrades that the family have made to the exterior of their luxury abode include installing a huge football pitch and spectator stand which cost half a million and four-foot deep lake with a price tag of £200,000.

Romeo Beckham and girlfriend Mia enjoy the outdoor pool

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There is now also an outdoor swimming pool which we have seen the family enjoying on Instagram and an enormous garage, to house David and Victoria’s flashy vehicles – including his motorbike.

The Beckhams make the most of their vast outdoor space

Inside the gorgeous home, the Beckhams have added their own wine cellar, sauna and plunge pool. There is also now an underground tunnel, leading to the new garage.

David Beckham has installed a football pitch at his country pad

There have been reports that neighbours were not happy with the addition of a lake to the land, but it seems this new feature helped them massively with increasing the property’s value. The property expert from commented that keeping in theme with their Cotswolds country retreat, with the addition of a lake, will only have added value to their land.


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