The Blackout Curtains That Cool Off 'Awful Alabama Summers' Are 50% Off Right Now

It's easy to get distracted by warm weather and invest in things like patio furniture and decor, portable grills for inside the house and out in the backyard, and swimsuits that will make you feel confident and beautiful. But let's not forget about some responsible purchases that can be made prior to when things really start to heat up in the summertime. Among them: light-blocking curtains that can save you money down the road. 

These Nicetown blackout curtains have more than 50,000 perfect ratings on Amazon because shoppers say they have so many game-changing capabilities. According to the brand, these stylish home essentials have the ability to block out up to 99 percent of the sun's light and UV rays. But that's just the start. 

The curtains, which have three layers of triple-woven microfiber fabric, also regulate temperature and reduce noise. This heavy material prevents the outside world from creeping into your home — a major benefit for nap times and toasty days. 

"They keep my apartment nice and dark when I want and definitely help keep it cool during these awful Alabama summers," wrote one five-star reviewer. "They look great and serve a great purpose. My bedroom quickly becomes quite dark when I close these during the day. Makes napping so much nicer."

Buy It! Nicetown Grommet Blackout Curtains in Blue, $23.96 with coupon (orig. $29.95);

The insulation produced by the top-rated curtains is beneficial during cooler months, as well. Because the outdoor temperature won't impact the inside of your home as much, you'll be able to use less electricity putting out heat or air conditioning. This is extremely helpful while you're away. When the curtains are drawn, they'll regulate the inside temperature enough so that you won't come home to what feels like a sauna or ice box (depending on the weather). 

Per reviews, it doesn't take long to see the savings add up. In a short time, shoppers say they end up saving more money using the curtains than they spent buying them. It seems like the only thing these curtains won't do is move on their own — but you can get a TikTok-viral motor that'll move them for you.

"I saved 40 dollars on my energy bill since purchasing the curtains," wrote one reviewer. "This might be too good of a product," wrote another. 

Before the summertime heat gets to you, your home, or your electric bill, shop the best-selling blackout curtains below. They come in 22 colors and 10 dimensions, so finding a set for your home should be as easy as pie. 

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Buy It! Nicetown Grommet Blackout Curtains in Pink, $26.95;

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