The SEVEN flowers you should plant right now – your August planting guide

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Whether your garden is looking a bit empty or you’re just tired of the same-old layout you’ve had since Spring, there are always plenty of ways to fill in those dull brown gaps. Adding new plants to your flower beds is a sure-fire way to get your garden up to scratch. The top tip for sowing plants in your garden is to look for hardy annuals which will overwinter and flower the following Spring. But what should you be planting this August?

1. Allium

If you’re heading to your local garden centre look out for allium bulbs which are commonly known as part of the onion and garlic family.

These ornamental onions are attractive to pollinators so be sure to get these if you’re looking to be extra bee-friendly.

Allium bulbs are characterised by their bold purple heads which are often large and round and are followed by an attractive seed-head.

According to the Royal Horticultural Society this flower thrives in full sun and is drought tolerant so is perfect for the heatwave which us Brits should expect later this month.

For best results, weave these easy growers through sunny borders or combine them with feathery grasses in a sheltered site where there is free draining soil and plenty of sun (to avoid the flower spikes getting blown over).

2. Calendula

These seeds thrive in warmth and so August makes for the perfect time to plant this colourful and easy to grow flower.

A naturally hardy flower, the calendula can be planted wherever fits the bill in your Autumn garden vision.

For best results sow these between August and September to watch them bloom in their warm golden glory by Spring.

3. Crocus

We’re sticking with the purple theme this month as it’s the perfect time to begin planting these dainty purple flowers.

Crocus bulbs are a hardy variety and flower through the Autumn to reveal vivid purple blooms though its leaves don’t appear until the Spring.

Did you know… This plant is naturally found in the North-West of England and is the county flower of Nottinghamshire.

4. Daffodils

Now is the time to be planting this Easter favourite if you want to dust your garden with yellow when Spring arrives.

Although the daffodil can be planted up until November, the earlier you plant them the better they will flower to reveal their pastel green stems and delicate yellow blooms.

5. Cornflowers

August is the best time of year to sow cornflowers if you’re looking for them to flower in May. These quick growers produce a cosmic blue hue on the petals and are a great addition to any garden ahead of Spring.

Look for the blue-ball variety if you want bright cornflowers or why not try the black ball variety for a hint of deep-chocolate brown if you’re going for a more subdued vibe.

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6. Forget-me-not seeds

Another hardy spring flower you can sow right now is the forget-me-not.

You can’t miss the voluminous flowering of these mid-blue blooms which look their best when planted in a mass bedding with other flowers or as an edging to a flowerbed.

Quick reminders when planting forget-me-nots:

  • Successful in most soils
  • Flowers April-June
  • Choose a sunny site with partial shade for best results
  • Plant six inches apart in the desired flowering position

7. Opium Poppy

This variety of poppy produces single or double flowers in deep lilacs, purple, pink and white self-seeds easily.

As a self-seeding plant, the Opium poppy is a fuss-free seed to sow and requires no protection so can be planted wherever you like.

Opium poppies usually reach around three feet in height and are a bold yet delicate addition to any garden which are certainly worth the wait when they flower between June and September.

Sowing this seed in Autumn is thought to give the plant a better chance at flowering.

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