The Weighted Blanket That Sold Out on Cyber Monday Is Back at Amazon for 40% Off

If you often have a hard time falling asleep, experience symptoms of anxiety, or suffer from aches and pains, a weighted blanket could be a helpful solution. The heavy blanket distributes calm-inducing pressure throughout your body, simulating the feeling of being hugged or swaddled. But we know what you’re thinking: Won’t I get hot under a blanket that’s both soft and weighted? That’s why Syrinx created a weighted blanket with breathable cotton and bamboo fabric. And right now, you can score the blanket for 40 percent off. 

The brand recommends purchasing a blanket that’s around 10 percent of your body weight. Options range from 5 to 30 pounds and come in twin, full, queen, and king bed sizes. Once your new blanket arrives, you can either use it as is right out of the package or throw on a duvet cover to make it easier to keep clean. If you choose to keep the quilted blanket as is, make sure to dry- or spot-clean it and let it air dry. 

Buy It! Syrinx Cooling Weighted Blanket, $49.49 (orig. $78.90); 

“This is the best weighted blanket I have tried yet,” one shopper wrote. “The beads inside stay put due to the quilting, and it's not hot at all. Give this one a try, you will not be disappointed!”

Another satisfied reviewer chimed in: “I had heard about weighted blankets and had always thought about getting one, but I usually run hot and was afraid I would be uncomfortably hot with the extra weight. This blanket is the perfect mix of heavy and temperature-regulating. It's perfect for movie nights on the couch, but I also take it to bed sometimes when I'm feeling extra anxious. It has definitely helped me with anxiety and restlessness, so I highly recommend it to anyone struggling with either.”

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With the holidays right around the corner, this weighted blanket would make a great present for any friends or loved ones who struggle with sleeplessness or anxiety. Especially right now, there’s no better gift than a comfortable, stress-reducing blanket. 

But we have to warn you — this weighted blanket recently sold out on Cyber Monday. So, if you’re considering making the purchase and want to take advantage of the sale price, don’t wait too long. It’ll be sold out again before we know it. Shop the Syrinx weighted blanket for just $50 right now at Amazon.  

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