‘There’s a good reason!’ Monty Don shares advice to grow the best roses possible

Gardeners' World: Monty Don details how to water camellias

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While embarking on a new project in a previous episode of Gardeners’ World, Monty offered key advice on which plants would be best suited in east and west-facing borders. Having carefully chosen a specific variety, he offered some tips on how to plant them to ensure they survived.

Among the shrubs he chose was a Country Parson – a type of rose which he described as “fragrant”.

The shrub flowers from late spring through to summer.

When planting the shrub, the gardening expert advised about the height at which it should be planted.

“It’s important with roses not to plant them too high, it’s better to have them slightly low in the soil,” he said.

On a very hot day, Monty said it was important that the soil was soaked with water before the shrub is planted.

“Just fill it up and let it soak in,” he said.

The gardening expert pointed out that he didn’t pour any manure, compost or feed in the planting hole.

“There’s a good reason for that,” he said. “Because I want the roots to get out into the soil, if you’re going to add any goodness, add it to the surface so it works slowly into the soil, because the sooner, and the wider, those roots spread out into the soil, the healthier the plant will be.”

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Offering advice about watering containers during periods of hot weather, Monty advised the best time was early in the morning, “before the sun warms up”.

He said if gardeners were unable to water them in the morning, they should wait until the evening when it had cooled.

Monty highlighted that the most important rule of watering plants was to “soak” and not “sprinkle”.

“Water directly to the roots of the soil or the compost and go on until the water is running at the bottom of the container, then the roots can get deep and find that moisture,” he said.

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During hot weather, the gardening expert said although plants require a lot of water to ensure they can absorb plenty of moisture, they don’t require plant food at the same rate. 

While discussing his garden project, Monty said he had been “evolving” areas of the garden for a decade.

He chose a variety of plants designed to grow around his summer house.

“I want the building to rise up with fragrance flowers all around it,” he said.

He advised that Wisteria do not respond well to being “cut back, dug up and moved.”

Next to the summer house, Monty planted a Coronilla valentina subsp. glauca “Citrina”, which is an evergreen with leguminous flowers. He said it was very fragrant and usually flowers from late winter, early spring. 

During periods of good weather, he said they tend to flower for a further month, or up to six weeks and would then flower again in late summer.

Gardeners’ World airs tonight on BBC2 at 8pm.

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