There’s a Secret Amazon Sale on This ‘Life-Changing’ Air Purifier

With many still working from home all day thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, breathing in fresh air indoors has never been more important. That's why air purifiers remain popular on Amazon, and one in particular is beloved by shoppers. 

TaoTronics' space-saving air purifier has a near-perfect rating of 4.9 stars from more than 1,000 reviews, and users have called it a "compact, quiet, and modern-looking purifier" that "works amazingly well." Thousands of shoppers have written in their recommendation, with many deeming it "worth every penny." 

It's no surprise that this powerful air purifier has so many rave reviews. Although it measures just a little over 11 inches tall (making it perfect for small apartments), TaoTronics' purifier is capable of cleaning the air in a room up to 215 square feet. Its sleek and unobtrusive design blends into the background, and it works so quietly that reviewers barely notice it.

With a H13 HEPA filter, TaoTronics' air purifier is able to filter out 99.97 percent of fine airborne particles, including common irritants such as mold, dust, pollen, pet dander, and cigarette smoke. The HEPA filter works alongside a pre-filter to take on large debris like hair, as well as an activated carbon filter that removes smelly odors. And you'll never forget to switch out your filter — the TaoTronics purifier has a filter replacement alert that reminds you.

A reviewer praised the machine as "life-changing." "Like everyone else I've been working from home this quarantine and I kept getting a stuffy nose and I thought I was having allergies until a friend of mine suggested it could just be the air in my house," said the shopper. "I got this air purifier and wow the difference has been amazing! I'm no longer sniffling and sneezing on Zoom calls.

"It's amazing and to say it has changed my life wouldn't be a far stretch," they continued. "It's fantastic… you can turn on and off the light feature, and it's basically silent."

Another shopper said it exceeded their expectations. "After a week of use daily in conjunction with a dehumidifier, I have noticed a huge difference," wrote the reviewer. "My allergies are gone and that musty smell is gone too… I have been using this both in my basement office and bedroom for sleep because I need some sort of ambient noise to sleep. You can keep this thing running all day and it doesn't seem to have any issues or overheat."

TaoTronics' air purifier might just be your best bet for clean, fresh air at home. It's currently on sale at Amazon: You can save $18 by applying the discreet coupon on the page beneath its sale price. Shop the air purifier below.

Buy It! TaoTronics Air Purifier for Home with H13 HEPA Filter, $71.99 (orig. $89.99);

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