These abstract pots will add an artsy flair to your home

Bold shapes and colours are the fun way to update classic pots and vases in your home. 

If you thought you couldn’t fill your home with any more vases and pots, think again. With so many trends to dip into, from handled styles to jugs and even the donut vase, we’ve found another one to add to your ever expanding wish list: abstract pots. 

Not dependant on style, you can choose whichever shape and size you want to add to your space, as long as it has the arty touch. Think squiggly lines, free-hand shapes and splats, mis-matched patterns and organic lines. Abstract patterns are the way to liven up your pots and vases right now, and we’ve found some that are already done for you. 

Whether you choose to use these pots and vases for fresh or dried flowers, papas grass or foraged twigs or keep them as a stand-along vessel, we’ve found the abstract styles that’ll add some fun into your home. 

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Best abstract pots

  • Oka pot

    Best abstract pots: Oka

    Whether you fill this pot with fresh flowers or leave it free to stand in all its abstract glory, this style is a statement piece not to miss. 

    Shop Cariape abstract pot at Oka, £75


  • Little Deer pot

    Best abstract pots: Little Deer

    The organic shape and natural glaze of this vase makes it a thing of beauty. The design with hand painted face and splashes of pink may even outshine the prettiest of blooms. 

    Shop abstract hand painted vase at Little Deer, £48


  • Att Pynta vase

    Best abstract pots: Att Pynta

    Get in on the monochrome home action with ease thanks to this dreamy black and white vase. We’re imagining this on a sideboard packed full of pampas grass.

    Shop Niza vase at Att Pynta, £45


  • Hay vase

    Best abstract pots: Hay

    The organic shapes and texture of this vase makes it a showpiece in its own right. Keep it simple and leave it empty or add a single stem. 

    Shop Hay Miro textured vase at Selfridges, £70


  • The Conran Shop pot

    Best abstract pots: The Conran Shop

    As a trinket pot, a pen holder or simply a plant pot for your green friends, this primary colour concrete style is a winner. 

    Shop exclusive small abstract pot at The Conran Shop, £22


  • HKliving vase

    Best abstract pots:

    This perfect hand painted vessel is one you’ll want to show off. Whether you put it in on the kitchen work top or on your coffee table, it’ll be the centre of attention. 

    Shop HKliving hand painted vase at Trouva, £54.49


  • Att Pynta pot

    Best abstract pots: Att Pynta

    Add a splash of colour to any room with this uplifting blue, grey and cream vase. Let the calming colours and the subtle abstract design bring happy vibes to your space. 

    Shop Noak glazed decorative vase at Att Pynta, £46


Opening image:Oka

All images: courtesy of brands

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