These Outdoor Bubble Tents Are Back in Stock on Amazon (but They’ll Probably Sell Out Fast)

While a backyard tiny house is one way to add a little more square footage to your property, not everyone has the room or budget for that, which is one reason why Amazon shoppers love this more affordable and practical alternative. 

Now that most people are spending extra time at home, shoppers are looking for easy and fun ways to maximize their backyards, causing these Alvantor bubble tents to sell out on Amazon. The versatile pop-up pods, which some reviewers call their “best purchase of 2020,” start at $435. They’re currently back in stock, but are likely to sell out again before winter arrives. 

Buy It! Alvantor Outdoor Instant Pop Up Bubble Tent, from $434.99;

The clear tents come in two sizes, with the larger designed to comfortably fit up to 10 people. The lightweight structures are waterproof and wind-resistant, and they feature various folding ribs and poles that unfold and snap into place, so it takes just 10-15 minutes to set up. And thanks to their clear PVC covering, you can enjoy panoramic views of your backyard, campground, park, or wherever you set it up. 

The smaller 10-foot by 10-foot tent, which holds four to six people, is the most popular, Alvantor tells PEOPLE. Various establishments, like restaurants and bars, are using the structures to make it easier for customers to practice social distancing, while other shoppers are setting them up to fashion home offices, play spaces, or dining areas in their yards or on their porches. And while some owners prefer to make them feel extra cozy with the addition of a space heater, many say they efficiently warm up with just the sun. 

“We turned our fire pit into a winter retreat with a small electric heater,” one reviewer shared. “[It was] super easy to put up and it was very stable in recent strong winds.”

“My best purchase of 2020,” another wrote. “[It’s] very easy to assemble. We got a heater and in the mornings we now enjoy our breakfast and coffee in it.”

Shoppers can also get similar pop-up tents with mesh walls that are perfect for backyard camping for $160. And the brand sells a series of add-ons, like a waterproof floor tarp and clip-on string lights, to make your backyard escape even more functional and fun. 

More Backyard Must-Haves: 

  • Alvantor Screen Outdoor Instant Pop Up Tent, from $159.99
  • Alvantor Waterproof Tent Tarp, $35.99
  • Alvantor LED Clip String Lights, $19.99

It may be difficult to travel or enjoy a winter getaway this year, but you can still create your very own escape — and even enjoy the snowfall — with one of these igloo-like bubble tents. Just be sure to order yours soon because they’re at risk of selling out again, especially given the higher demand this year. 

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