‘They will spread!’ Gardeners’ World shares methods for eradicating weeds

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Leaving weeds to take over your garden can lead to a wild and unruly garden. To stop them growing completely out of control, it’s best to try and control them early on – ideally in spring. However, with midsummer approaching, temperatures rising and rain continuing, you may be experiencing a fresh onslaught of weeds in your beds and borders.

Gardeners’ World Magazine recommend checking your garden for weeds each weed and taking action when you see them.

They said: “If you ignore them, they’ll spread or set seed, causing bigger problems later on.”

There are a plethora of techniques out there for controlling weeds from using chemicals to straight forward hand-weeding.

Here are Gardeners’ World’s best methods:

Dig them up

Not an easy task but probably the most effective is weeding by hand.

Using a hand trowel will help remove weeds like couch grass and perennials like bindweed and nettles.

A garden fork will also help you pull up extensive roots.

Use a hoe

Hoes are brilliant for annual weeds as they sever the roots quickly and easily.

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Using a hoe also means you can tackle weeds standing up rather than having to get on your hands and knees.

Hoeing over bare areas of soil weekly will help keep on top of annual weeds and prevent them from releasing their seeds.

Make sure you choose a dry day so that the weeds you sever with and die on the surface of the soil.

On a wet day, they can re-root.

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Pull them out

Sounds simple but for weeds like groundsel, pulling them out using your hands is easy.

Do this after rain when the soil is soft and ensure you pull out the entire root system.

Scrape them out

Dandelions and meadow grass can be scraped out of gaps between paving slabs or cracks in concrete.

You can use a sharp weeding tool or an old knife.

Make sure you pull the roots out and use a weed killer afterwards to stop them growing back.

Use weedkiller

Sometimes, weed infestations need ousting with systemic weed killers.

If you don’t mind using chemicals in your garden, spray or dab the weed killer onto the leaves when it’s not likely to rain.

If you’ve got bindweed, isolate it from other plants by using a bamboo cane.

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