This $23 Device Creates a Side Table Almost Anywhere

A great side table can elevate the design of any room — if you have the square footage for one. Smaller homes don’t exactly lend themselves to pieces that take up precious floor space, but as usual, Amazon shoppers have found a solution to this specific yet widespread problem. It comes in the form of an under-$25 product you can use just about anywhere.  

The Design Dacor Sofa Arm Tray Table kicks the legs out from under traditional end tables in the most literal sense. The device has two flexible side panels that allow it to rest on the arm of any couch or chair. Its canvas underside grips onto upholstery, which locks the table in place to create a makeshift surface without damaging furniture. Since it’s only 13.4 inches long, it’ll still leave some extra space on most armrests, so you can continue to lounge comfortably. 

No matter how wide the armrest is, this table remains anchored and sturdy. It also features a cup holder and slots for a phone and tablet, so it has more than enough room to hold a drink, a small plate, your phone, and a compact tablet. You can even use it on flat surfaces with the side panels tucked under or completely unfolded for more space. 

Buy It! Design Dacor Sofa Arm Tray Table, $23 with coupon (orig. $25);

Based on the praise it’s received from reviewers, the Design Dacor tray table might be one of Amazon’s best-kept secrets. “I love this! It looks great and is very stable,” wrote a reviewer, who also called it “super practical.” 

Shoppers also seem to agree that the cup holder and extra slots make the table even more practical. “I purchased this as a gift for my husband who always has coffee or tea on his hand every time we watch TV. I thought it would be nice to get this for him since the coffee table is not so accessible when you’re in the corner of the couch…It’s very sturdy and a good size for regular-sized mugs,” one wrote.

Other customers have eschewed accent tables altogether in favor of this compact option. “Very good product and I don’t need a coffee table,” said one, who recommends it to “people with a small and compact home.”

At just $23, you can’t go wrong with the Design Dacor Sofa Arm Tray Table. If your couch is your preferred office space, it could even transform the way you work from home.

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