This $4 Ice Scraper Cuts Through Tough Ice ‘Like a Hot Knife Through Butter’

During the winter, having an ice scraper handy as you head out the door just may be your saving grace. Cold temperatures and frigid snow storms make the perfect conditions to create unbearable driving with sheets of ice, compacted snow, and frost on your car's windshield and windows. Read: your visibility is zilch. Luckily, the makers of the best-selling snow tools on the market delivered with this metal-tipped ice scraper. Many shoppers say it cuts through thick ice "like a hot knife through butter," and it's less than $4 on Amazon. 

The Snow Joe Ice Scraper puts its competitors to shame, according to thousands of Amazon shoppers who call it an "essential winter tool" and the "best ice scraper ever!" They love it so much, it has earned over 1,300 five-star ratings, surging it to the top of Amazon's best seller list for ice scrapers and snow brushes. 

Buy It! Snow Joe Ice Scraper, $3.81;

The top-rated ice scraper has the ability to remove frozen-on sleet, sheet ice, and snow with its unique 4.8-inch brass blade. Unlike other hard metals, brass is tough enough to remove ice, but is also gentle on glass to prevent window damage, making it an ice scraper that's "well worth buying."

Shoppers are blown away by how well the solid brass blade cuts through ice and snow easily,  and with just one pass. Not only does it save time and give you less work, but it also means you won't be out in the cold longer than you need to. Plus, it gives you a streak-free clean that reviewers are adamant about. One Amazon shopper says the brass-bladed design is amazingly handy because it makes ice removal "as easy as using a squeegee to get water off of glass." 

While the Snow Joe scraper is easy on your windshield, reviewers confirm that it's also easy on your hands. The long grip handle makes it accessible to reach the tippy top of the car and it has a larger overall design, allowing you to cover more room with less swipes. 

Now, if you think all ice scrapers are alike, shoppers who have been using snow tools for over 20 years might strongly disagree. This brass-bladed scraper is in a league of its own, outperforming its plastic counterpart, which has been known to get dull, chip, or cause "a large amount of profanity." It's why shoppers insist that anyone with a car living in a cold climate should "throw away your plastic scrapers'' and opt for the Snow Joe Ice Scraper instead. 

"Why, oh why did I suffer with plastic edged ice scrapers for so long?! Every ice scraper should have a metal edge, like this one does," writes one Amazon shopper. "This one easily scrapes off the ice and doesn't break when it's extra thick. So, now I wonder why other ice scrapers don't have metal blades?" 

"Best ice scraper ever! No really, it's the absolute best," another reviewer chimed in. "Nothing beats the brass-edge to get the super thin ice/frost on the windshield here in Michigan. But it also works on the tough stuff too — thick ice, frozen sleet, icy snow. You should buy one of these. Or two."

If you're ready to clear off your windshield with an ice scraper that "effortlessly" removes sleet and snow without a scratch, go with the $4 Snow Joe Ice Scraper — unlike the ice on your car, it simply can't be beat.

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