This Air Purifier Keeps Selling Out Because It Works So Well — But It Just Got Restocked

Since most of us are spending more time than usual inside our homes, there’s never been a better time to invest in an air purifier. But, as displayed in a recent rise in Google searches for the term, consumer interest in air purifiers has skyrocketed. This makes finding a purifier that does the job a bit tricker because many options are selling out. 

Thankfully, Amazon shoppers have done what they do best by pointing us in the direction of the Veva 8000 Elite Pro Series Air Purifier. The customer-loved model not only just got restocked after selling out more than once, but it also happens to be on sale for 40 percent off. 

Since it’s made with a HEPA filter, the powerful air purifier can capture the tiniest of dust and allergens to rid your space of pet dander, mold spores, pollen, bacteria, germs, and even smoke — but with a price tag that doesn’t break the bank. 

Buy It! Veva 8000 Elite Pro Series Air Purifier, $119.99 (orig. $199.95);

“I wanted a Dyson HEPA air purifier but I didn't want to spend the money so I decided to purchase this one and I'm so glad I did,” one shopper said. “With all the fires going on in the northern part of the state and the southern part of the adjoining state, the ash has been severe. Even the family cat is coughing. This not only cured the problem of a smoky room, but it also has a fan which has actually cooled off the room. We have no air conditioning, and can't open a window right now because of the smoke, so this product changed things for the better.” 

Aside from its impressive performance, it comes with a two year registered warranty and lifetime support from the company, so you can rest assured it’ll last you for years to come. Hundreds of reviews for the dust-busting air purifier speak to its performance and quality in keeping the air in their homes cleaner and eliminating annoyances, like smoke and allergens, for good. 

“We have several pets and have terrible dust issues,” another reviewer said. “Since getting this we have not had to dust our use canned air on my computer or other electronics. The air quality has improved quite a bit and it is very quiet. It was easy to set up and get started. I have gotten several other people to purchase them because of how great they work. It has saved me a lot of work and done wonders to protect my electronics and collectibles. Would wholeheartedly recommend this to anyone who needs a good air purifier.”

If there’s one thing we know about current shopping trends, it's that this deal won’t be around for long — so if you’re in the market for this household health essential, you’ll want to head to Amazon ASAP while this popular purifier is still in stock. 

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