This Best-Selling Smart Lock Lets You Open and Close the Door with Your Phone (and It’s on Sale)

Keeping your home secure is, of course, a top priority to make sure you and your loved ones are safe, and it's never been easier than with a smart lock. You can finally skip the days of frantically searching for your keys thanks to the August WiFi Smart Lock. It automatically pairs with your smartphone, smartwatch, or other connected home devices to lock and unlock your door at your convenience. Lucky for you, you can get the best-selling smart door lock on sale on Amazon right now. 

The newest August smart lock is being called "a must for smart homes" by happy shoppers, earning it 1,410 five-star ratings and securing a top spot on Amazon's best sellers list for deadbolts. While this deal lasts, you can get 12 percent off the smart door lock, bringing it down to $220. Sure, it is more expensive than a traditional deadbolt lock, but reviewers insist that even at full price, it is "so worth it." 

Buy It! August WiFi Smart Lock, $219.16 (orig. $249.99); 

With this sleek and compact smart lock, you can remotely open and close the front door on your phone with the app or with a virtual assistant at home. This means you can easily let yourself in as well as unlock the door for guests, even if you can't get to the door. This has WiFi built in, so you don't have to add any additional hardware to get connected. It also makes it compatible with smart hubs like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Just say the word and it's as good as locked. 

A standout aspect for many shoppers is August's auto-lock and unlock feature, which they say is "a blessing" and "works flawlessly." This smart lock is designed to automatically secure the front door after you open and close it, giving you the freedom to roam without worrying if you forgot to lock the door again. 

"This door lock might be one of my favorite home automation items," says one Amazon shopper. "That is because I always forget a house key or don't have a spare house key to give to a family member or the dog-sitter (when we're out of town). The August WiFi lock solves all of that, and it's easy to use."

If constantly carrying your phone in-hand sounds like a nightmare, this lock has got you covered. On top of its thorough locking mechanisms, it uses geo-fencing to "sense" when you're approaching the front door and unlock it for you. And to keep track of it all, you can use the Activity Feed that shows you just who opened the door and when. Plus, the feed works with the brand's DoorSense feature, which lets you know the status of your door, including if it's closed and locked, or vice versa. 

"It is on the expensive side, but it truly has made my life easy," says a reviewer. "I have a big home with extra bedrooms to spare, so family members stay time to time. Granting them guest access to come and go as they feel made them feel like they were at home."

"It is so nice to not have to take my keys with me every time I walk the dog (especially since I would often forget them)," writes another shopper. "Makes it so much easier to enter my house when my hands are full. I also appreciate the DoorSense feature. My door is a bit sticky and I have often thought I shut it when I had not. It is nice to have the sensor to tell me when I didn't close it completely."

Upgrade your old deadbolt with the August WiFi Smart Lock that shoppers say "you can't go wrong" with. The smart door lock is on sale for a limited time, so act fast! 

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