This Dad Created a Youtube Channel to Help Young Adults Without Fathers Fix Household Problems

Since starting the channel, Kenney says he has received messages from far and wide thanking him for his videos, including many from people who have lost or are no longer in touch with their fathers.

“The stories of pain and heartbreak can be overwhelming,” Kenney says. “But the stories of encouragement definitely bring me joy.”

While he’s still working full-time, Kenney says he wouldn’t be opposed to making “Dad, How Do I?” his full-time career. 

“Depending on the opportunity with this, I may transition to do it full or part-time,” he explains. “I also want to start including some ‘dadvice’ for adulting, as there is so much more to being a dad (or a parent in general) than just being able to fix things around the house, or at least there should be.”

Currently, he's releasing a new how-to video every Thursday, and a tool-focused video every Tuesday (which he's calling Tool Tuesday).

And like any good dad, Kenney also excels at another skill: Dad jokes. His best? “Why don’t cannibals eat clowns? Because they taste funny.” 

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