This DIY Backyard Gazebo from Amazon Is Bound to Go Viral This Summer

Move over, tiny house! There's a new backyard accessory in town, and it's going to be your favorite place to do, well, everything.

The Palram Garda Garden Gazebo is more than what it sounds like. With 360-degree views and a UV-protected roof, the enclosed gazebo is the perfect space for lounging, entertaining, reading, or working (sort of) outside. Its crystal-clear acrylic walls seamlessly showcase the outdoor environment around you. 

Buy It! Palram Garda Closed Garden Gazebo, $10,062.99;

The DIY kit comes with everything you need to build and install the gazebo, including pre-assembled panels, sliding doors, screws, and screw covers. According to the description, it will take two to three adults about a weekend's worth of work to build. The company has a video that shows step-by-step instructions for how to assemble it properly. There's no welding required, which means it's less likely to rust over time. But in case anything does happen to it, the Palram gazebo comes with a 10-year warranty. 

Though the Palram Garda Garden Gazebo costs just a little over $10,000, it's worth the investment since you can use it year-round — and for many different things. The durable, reinforced aluminum structure features tough polycarbonate roof paneling and thick acrylic walls that can withstand the elements. Plus, it comes with an integrated gutter for rain and snow melt. 

Its six double-sliding doors open to let in fresh air, but when closed, you'll still have plenty of natural light. The gazebo's roof has a bronze tinted glazing that helps shade the interior from sun and protect from harmful UV rays. 

While the gazebo doesn't currently have any reviews on Amazon, a quick scroll through the company's Instagram page shows that people are using it for all different kinds of setups. The beautiful backyard structure can be used as a home office, a workout studio, a reading nook, or a dining area, as pictured below. 

Before ordering, make sure you've got a solid level surface that's large enough for the structure to sit on, like a patio or open space behind your home; it measures 235 x 235 x 133 inches. It'll take five to seven days for the Palram Garda Garden Gazebo to ship, so if you order now, you can get it built and decorated in time to enjoy your new outdoor oasis for most of spring (and all of summer). 

We're calling it now: The Palram Garden Gazebo is going to be the next viral Amazon tiny house. Get yours today before it sells out! 

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