This Handheld Power Scrubber Can Tackle the Toughest Stains, According to Amazon Shoppers

Pesky stains and grime often need more than just elbow grease to remove. That's where a power scrubber can step in to efficiently clean surfaces in half the time your hands ever could. The cleaning tool can be used to tackle anything from shower grout and tile to grease-stained stovetops in minutes, and Amazon shoppers rely on one in particular to get these jobs done. 

The Dremel Versa Cleaning Tool has won over countless reviewers for its ease and effective performance when it comes to tough household chores. Though the handheld scrubber is compact in size, its cleaning power is anything but. It comes equipped with four interchangeable brush heads that were designed to instantly power through grime both indoors and outdoors.

The eraser pad should be used across hard surfaces, such as countertops, floors, walls, shoes, or furniture, while the non-scratch pad can handle pots and pans, sinks, and bathtubs without leaving behind a scratch. Switch to either the bristle pad or heavy duty pad to speed through grilltops, car interiors and exteriors, or anywhere that's acquired stubborn scum that won't budge.

Buy It! Dremel Versa Cleaning Tool, $39.97 (orig. $49);

It only takes two hours for the power scrubber to reach maximum charge, which shoppers say lasts long enough for them to clean multiple places in their home. Since the tool is compatible with liquid solutions, it comes with an attachable splash guard to keep splatter at bay during the cleaning process. 

The Dremel tool has acquired over 1,100 perfect ratings from fellow shoppers who say it's "worth every penny." Many agree that it's easy to hold and has completely transformed surfaces in their home to appear brand new. 

"This was my cleaning gift to myself, and let me say this: My old yellow 1970 tub hasn't been that clean since the '70s," wrote a reviewer. "I live in an area with a lot of iron in the ground and water, so we get a lot of staining in our tubs and toilet. This little powerhouse scrubbed it off in minutes. It took a half an hour job and turned it into a 10 minute job, including the shower walls! Never going back to a regular scrub brush again."

The highly rated power scrubber is currently on sale for $40 on Amazon. 

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