This humble houseplant has just been named the UK’s favourite

Houseplants have seen a surge in popularity during the pandemic – but which varieties have been the most popular? Keep reading to find out. 

Whether you’re obsessed with the way they look in your home, enjoy learning about how to take care of them or just love buying new ones, the number of people who are into houseplants has surged during lockdown. 

In fact, according to analysis by the homes and interiors brand Sass & Belle, the number of people searching for the term “house plants” and related phrases on google has increased by 114% in the last year.

It’s hardly surprising. Not only is looking after plants a great way to keep yourself entertained (something we’ve all been in need of over the last year) but being surrounded by and taking care of plants can offer numerous benefits to our mental and physical health.  

All in all, we’re now a nation even more in love with plants than we already were – and as lockdown eases, it seems unlikely that our collective obsession with our leafy friends is set to go anywhere. 

But out of all the houseplants on offer, which ones have proved themselves the UK’s absolute favourites? To find out, the team at Sass & Belle analysed the country’s plant-related searches to reveal the varieties that are taking over our homes.  

Keep reading to find out which houseplants took the top spots. 

  • 10. Dragon Plant

    Dragon Plant from Patch Plants.

    Known for its sword-like leaves and its elegant, woody trunk, the dragon plant is a great houseplant for beginners due to its drought-tolerant, slow-growing nature. 

    Shop dragon plant at Patch Plants, £40


  • 9. Lavender

    Lavender Plant from Gift A Plant.

    Lavender is typically known as an outdoor plant, but it can be grown indoors as long as you can find a warm spot where the plant will get lots of bright light. 

    With the right care, it’ll produce the purple, scented flowers that it’s famous for. 

    Shop lavender plant by Gift A Plant at Not On The High Street, £29.99


  • 8. Banana Plant

    Banana Plant from Beards & Daisies.

    With its big, fan-like leaves and overarching stems, the banana plant is the perfect way to add a tropical touch to your home. 

    Shop large banana plant at Beards & Daisies, £46.99


  • 7. Yucca

    Yucca Tree from The Little Botanical.

    The perfect easy-care statement plant, the yucca tree is incredibly drought-tolerant and will thrive on a little neglect, so it’s great one for beginners looking to add a touch of greenery to their home. 

    Shop large yucca at The Little Botanical, £80


  • 6. Jasmine

    Jasmine Plant from Crocus.

    Like the lavender above, jasmine is also typically seen as an outdoor plant, but it’s actually pretty easy to grow inside, too. 

    You’ll typically see it sold on a hoop as it likes to climb and wrap its vines around things. 

    Shop jasmine plant at Crocus, £24.99


  • 5. Bamboo

    Bamboo plant from Primrose.

    The ‘lucky bamboo’ (aka, the type of bamboo typically grown indoors) isn’t actually a bamboo at all – in fact, it’s a type of dracaena, like the dragon tree mentioned above. However, it still gives off the appearance of a bamboo plant, hence its name.

    Shop lucky bamboo at Primrose, £9.99 (was £14.99)


  • 4. Fern

    Boston Fern from The Stem.

    A staple of houseplant collections everywhere, the most common kind of fern you’ll see growing inside is the Boston fern, which is known for its thick, billowing fronds. 

    Most interestingly, ferns hate to be touched – and will often turn brown in protest if they’re manhandled too much. 

    Shop Boston fern at The Stem, £16


  • 3. Palm

    Parlour Palm from Canopy Plants.

    A similar case to the fern, there are actually loads of different types of indoor palms available, with the most popular being the parlour and kentia varieties. 

    Both are great for decorating shady corners, as they don’t require a lot of light to thrive. 

    Shop parlour palm at Canopy Plants, £12


  • 2. Philodendron

    Philodendron from Conservatory Archives.

    The name philodendron actually means ‘loving tree’ in Greek, most likely because of the plant’s adorable, heart-shaped leaves. 

    It’s a particularly popular choice for houseplant lovers because it’s really easy to care for and looks great as both a trailing plant or wrapped around a moss pole. 

    Shop philodendron on a moss pole at Conservatory Archives, £58


  • 1. Spider Plant

    Spider Plant from The Little Botanical.

    It’s hard not to fall in love with the spider plant’s easy-care nature and bright, cascading foliage, so it’s hardly surprising to see it take the top spot on this list.  

    Shop spider plant at The Little Botanical, £16.50


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