This Inflatable Hot Tub with Thousands of Rave Reviews Will Give You a Spa-Like Oasis at Home

When the world came to terms with the fact that the novel coronavirus would completely wipe out conventional summer plans, shoppers started scooping up inflatable pools so they’d still be able to cool off while social distancing. Now that the colder months are upon us and working, learning, and doing everything from home is still very much the norm, people are seeking out similarly seasonal common comforts we no longer have access to, like hot tubs — specifically, the Coleman Inflatable Hot Tub Spa on Amazon.

“I purchased this back in April when the pandemic became more than a temporary inconvenience,” one shopper wrote. “I have loved this so much and have used it almost every day.”

The pandemic purchase is even more relevant right now if your cozy cabin and ski lodge visits are on hold. Instead, you can turn your own backyard, porch, or patio into a luxurious winter staycation with the inflatable hot tub shoppers call “one of my best investments thus far.” In addition to the convenience the portable tub provides, it also gives you the bonus of a completely private experience. Unlike in hotel spas or other shared amenity spaces, you’ll have the flexibility to use your personal hot tub whenever and however you want.

Coleman’s mini spa experience has amassed over 2,000 positive ratings, and Amazon customers compliment everything about it, from its easy setup and storage to its padded floor and roomy capacity. Other reviewers highlight the purchase as a low-cost alternative to a permanent fixture.

“We’ve had this for over a year now and are more than happy with it,” one wrote. “We really wanted a hot tub but were not willing to spend thousands of dollars on one. This one is very easy to set up, take down, clean, and maintain. Very comfortably fits four normal sized adults.”

Buy It! Coleman SaluSpa Inflatable Hot Tub, $599.99;

Others have been downright surprised by how well this inflatable hot tub works after a simple set-up process. One such shopper explained: “All in all, it took about 45 minutes to put together from start to finish including filling it up with water. Once it was filled, we let it sit for the recommended 24 hours for the temperature to reach 104 degrees. This took about a day and a half. When we were finally able to get in, we pressed the button for the jets to come on and we were totally mesmerized and it was actually too hot!”

In addition to being able to heat water up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit with a digital control panel, purchasers of Coleman’s hot tub can enjoy the air jets by pushing a button to release streams of bubbles into the water. The inflatable pool’s zen-inducing features are coupled with a multifunctional pump that heats water while regulating the filtration system and a chlorine dispenser to ensure a relaxing and hygienic experience. 

Made of puncture- and UV-resistant Tritech material, the tub is durable and able to retain its shape no matter how often you inflate and deflate it. When not in use, you can protect your Coleman hot tub with the reinforced cover and insulating safety clips.

Amazon shoppers have found multiple ways this convenient hot tub benefits their lives on top of providing relaxation. “Hot tub is great quality,” one wrote. “I bought it for my back issues. It helps a lot. Sitting right back against the bubbles helps relieve my back pains.”

Others lament that they “should have bought this sooner” and remark it’s the “best $600 I have ever spent.” If you’re a little unsure about spending a couple hundred dollars, you should know that Coleman’s model isn’t just the best-seller in the outdoor hot tub category, it’s also actually one of the cheapest options on Amazon. Top-rated competitors, like the number three and number five best-sellers in the same category, cost $796 and $770, respectively. 

In Amazon’s outdoor hot tub category, you’ll also find accessories for your new at-home spa, like a super popular $10 water hardener and slip-resistant removable chairs, if you want to stock up on everything at once.

The only thing positive reviewers caution prospective buyers about is that not all decks are built to hold something so heavy, so definitely check weight limits before placing your new at-home hot tub atop a porch. Once you find a good spot, it’ll be time to kick back and relax in the comfort of your own spa.

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