This Putty-Like Cleaning Gel 'Picks Up Years of Dust' — and It’s Under $10 on Amazon

Has keeping the heat on all winter turned your home into a bonafide dusty wonderland? You're hardly the only one battling dust-caked computer keyboards, remotes, speakers, and even car vents. And while pulling out a bottle of multi-purpose spray and a paper towel may seem to collect layers of dust, there's no way that combo is picking up everything.

So instead of fruitlessly scrubbing the nooks and crannies of all your devices, consider spending $9 for the ColorCoral universal gel dust cleaner on Amazon. The neon yellow gel is easy to use: Just rip off a piece, gently knead it into a ball, and press it directly onto the surface you want to clean. Dust and other grime will attach itself to the gel in just a few seconds. 

It can be used on a number of surfaces, from home office electronics like keyboards and printers to car vents, speakers, air conditioners, TVs, and other appliances. The gel can even remove pet hair from the floor or soft fabrics, like pants and the couch.   

The gel is made out of a biodegradable material and won't stick to hands or the surfaces that need to be cleaned. Plus, it can be used over and over again until it loses its yellow hue and turns dark — then it'll need to be replaced with a new one. Just make sure not to wash the gel in water, per the instructions. 

Buy It! ColorCoral Cleaning Gel Universal Dust Cleaner, $8.77;

The cleaning gel is quite popular on Amazon, nabbing over 13,000 five-star ratings. Shoppers write in that they're blatantly horrified by how much dust they had previously been living with.

"It picked up years of dust build up," one shopper writes. "In just about 20 minutes or less, I was able to nearly clean all of the dust with just the gel. By the time I was done, my PC went from looking three years old to looking like I just received it a day ago."  

Another shopper shares that the cleaning gel "worked like magic on keyboards, remote controls, phones, computer vents. I purchased way too many 'Cyber Clean' packs a long while ago and finally ran out. Gave this a try and in my opinion it outperforms. It's a bit 'runnier' than what I was expecting, but that works to its advantage — allowing the putty to creep into tight spaces. You'll want to press it into what you're cleaning and then remove it, pulling out the dust and bits as it goes." Say adieu to dust once and for all with this highly rated universal dust cleaner for less than $10 on Amazon.

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