This TikTok-Famous Gadget with More Than 18 Million Views Is Practically Made for Heavy Sleepers

From pet grooming products to time-saving kitchen accessories, TikTok has probably inspired at least a recent purchase or two of yours. If not, this latest viral sensation might. It's a smart curtain motor that can be used in any room to, well, move your curtains for you. So far, it's collectively garnered more than 18 million views and 1.7 million likes on the social media app thanks to its clever capabilities. 

TikTok user @anya.bumag posted a review of the accessory in January. In it, they demonstrate just how easy it is to set up and use the curtain adjuster. 

"All you do is hang it and secure it on your curtain rod, and after a quick calibration, you can control your curtains using your phone, a remote, or a virtual assistant like Alexa," Anya says in their video. "Another cool future is that you can set up timers on the app, for instance, to be woken up to natural light in the morning." 

The Bluetooth-enabled gadget is easy to sync with a variety of devices. To pair with your smartphone, download the SwitchBot app and connect to the internet — this will let you control and schedule the curtains from your phone as you please. If you have a voice assistant, like an Amazon Alexa or a Google Assistant, log in to the device's hub, and search for the SwitchBot skill. Once you're signed in, you'll be able to use voice activation to call out when you want the curtains to move. If you're not feeling technologically inclined, simply use the remote control (it's included with your purchase!)  to draw the curtains open and shut.  

The motor requires one Lithium ion battery (one comes with your device), which is built to last for up to eight months of constant use. According to the brand, installation requires no tools, and the c-shaped device should easily fit onto U and I rails as well as most curtain rods with diameters measuring between 15 and 40 millimeters. Simply snap it onto whatever compatible rod you have. Once it's in place, tug the curtains a few times to calibrate the tool with the rod and fabric. According to one Amazon reviewer, the whole process took them "less than a minute."

Users in the TikTok comments section were quick to point out how useful this tool could be for unreachable curtain rods or those with mobility issues.

Plus, as one commenter mentioned, it's "perfect" for those with house plants because you can let some sun in while you're out of the house during the day, then close them at your discretion for continued privacy. In fact, per SwitchBot, you can use the app to control the curtain from up to 1,000 miles away. Talk about convenience. 

Over at Amazon, reviewers say the SwitchBot  is the trick to getting them up and out of bed in the morning. One shopper said they struggle to get up in the early hours, but this device "helps out a lot." They continued: "I can use the scheduling option via the app to automatically open my curtains in the morning to help wake me."

Whether you're dealing with drowsy mornings, neglected plants, or out-of-reach curtains, this motor may be a simple solution to make life easier. Shop it below. 

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