This Vacation-Worthy Cotton Hammock Can Melt 'Every Tense Muscle' in Your Body for Just $120

Planning a vacation to a tropical island may not be happening this year, but that doesn’t mean you can’t turn your backyard into an oasis. To create the perfect staycation, you just need some peace and quiet, a good book, and a hammock to lazily relax in. Amazon shoppers are convinced the Vivere Double Cotton Hammock is the “life changer” that’ll bring a “slice of heaven” to your yard this summer. 

The Vivere hammock is woven with soft cotton materials, making it comfortable to lie in as it cradles your whole body. Its “welcoming folds of fabric” are breathable enough for steamy summers. One shopper experiencing menopause even says they never overheat in it because the hammock “breathes.”

Buy It! Vivere Double Cotton Hammock, $119.99;

The durable polyester strings are held in place on both ends of the durable steel stand, giving you a sense of security. Shoppers trust this brand knowing that they’ll get a hammock that’s “sturdy, robust, and made to last.” And because of the stand design, you can practically set it anywhere without tying it to a tree, like a camping hammock. 

Multiple people can lounge in this hammock  thanks to its large construction that makes it “feel much more luxurious” than its competitors. It can withstand up to 450 pounds, so you and your kiddos or your partner can cuddle up for an afternoon nap. 

Buy It! Vivere Double Cotton Hammock, $119.99;

And this “best in class” hammock will certainly rock you to sleep. Nearly 200 Amazon shoppers believe the hammock is so dream-worthy that many have actually replaced their expensive mattresses, like Sleep Number and Tempur-Pedic, for the Vivere hammock.

“Slept in this hammock for several months after having an exceptionally comfortable Tempur-Pedic,” writes one reviewer. “After a week or two of trying the hammock, however, I was hooked: I had some of the best sleep I'd ever had; Fell asleep almost immediately after getting in, and my back pain was greatly reduced.”

Buy It! Vivere Double Cotton Hammock, $129.39;

Other shoppers who needed a break from the everyday found solace with the double cotton hammock. 

“I have been in desperate need of some relaxation,” writes another. “I am working and watching a 1-year-old, and needless to say it is exhausting and stressful. I knew I needed a way to relax… This hammock is an absolute godsend. I laid in this thing once and every tense muscle in my body relaxed, and it felt like I was on vacation somewhere extremely sunny.”

If you’re ready to take a mini vacation that costs way less than a plane ticket, go for the Vivre Double Cotton Hammock that’ll sway you into a “glorious relaxed trance” for just $120. Choose from 37 colors and four fabric options.  

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