Those Skeleton Lawn Flamingos That Went Viral Last Year Are Back in Stock on Amazon

Whether you believe it’s too early to start decorating for Halloween or you’re biting at the bit to display your favorite ghastly decor, Amazon has already kicked off the spooky celebration with its Halloween storefront. Amidst all the candy, costumes, and frighteningly good deals, the Halloween Store is filled with some amazing, eye-popping decor (literally) — including these popular zombie flamingos.

You may recognize the Skeleton Yard Flamingos from Pink Inc. The creepy lawn decorations went viral last year — in fact, so many people bought them that they sold out before Halloween. Now they’re back in stock, along with their kooky counterparts like the Witch Skel-a-Mingo and horned Devil Mingos.

You can snag a pack of two Skeleton Yard Flamingos for just $26. If you want them, you should act fast — they’ll probably sell out soon given their popularity last year. (The brand is already low in stock on several other designs.) 

Buy It! Pink Inc. 2 Halloween Skeleton Yard Flamingos, $26.10;

Buy It! Pink Inc. Witch Skel-A-Mingo Flamingo Lawn Ornament, $31.79;

The Skeleton flamingos have racked up over 500 five-star reviews from shoppers who say they’re great quality and hold up well on lawns, even through storms. Many people added  that they ended up loving the spooky flamingos so much, they kept them out year-round.

The best part? Pink Inc has a flamingo for almost every holiday , including Thanksgiving and Christmas. Shop more festive flamingos below, and check out the rest of Amazon’s Halloween storefront here.

Buy It! Pink Inc. Solar Powered Flamingo, $33.69;

Buy It! Pink Inc. SantaMingo and ReinMingo Pair, $31;

Buy It! Pink Inc. DevilMingos Pair, $37.28;

Buy It! Pink Inc. WitchMingo Flamingo Lawn Ornament, $31.98;

Buy It! Pink Inc. AngelMingo and DevilMingo Pair, $29;

Buy It! Pink Inc. TurkeyMingo, $24;

Buy It! Pink Inc. Black Flamingo, $29.96;

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