Thousands of Amazon Shoppers Prefer This $29 Carpet Sweeper to Their Larger Vacuums

Keeping carpets spick and span can be a nuisance if you detest lugging out your large vacuum all the time, or simply just don’t own one. Luckily, there’s an easier solution to ridding your home of dirt and grime. Thousands of Amazon shoppers say this one affordable carpet sweeper is so efficient, it rivals their bigger, more expensive vacuum cleaners. 

The Bissell Natural Sweep Carpet and Floor Sweeper effortlessly glides across a variety of surfaces, from rugs to hardwood floors. The dual rotating brush rolls get the job done quickly, scooping up pet hair, crumbs, food, dirt, and debris along the way, all without the loud sound of a motorized vacuum. It’s gentle enough to never mark or damage the fibers in your carpets and rugs, yet effective enough to provide a deep clean worthy of a strong suction vacuum.

The compact design makes it a breeze to quickly pull out of the closet when the urge to clean strikes (and store away when not in use). Since it’s manually operated, the lightweight sweeper can be carried up and down stairs with ease (and without fear of someone tripping over a cord.) Plus, it can fit under and around furniture without requiring you to bend down.

Buy It! Bissell Natural Sweep Carpet and Floor Sweeper, $28.96;

One satisfied shopper left a review calling the carpet sweeper the “best tool for the house I have EVER bought,” while another wrote, “If I could give this 10 stars I would!” 

“It was such a hassle to drag out the vacuum each day and I wanted a handier solution,” said another shopper. “I've tried the battery powered sweepers, but they were unsatisfactory—not enough power, battery eventually won't recharge, etc. I decided to go back to the tried and true manual Bissell. My grandmother was right—it works great! Her Bissell worked perfectly for many years and I expect that this one will do as well.”

Others have remarked on how much it has made a difference when it comes to combating endless amounts of dog and cat hair. 

“With a large family and a ‘herd’ of pets so to speak, this sweeper comes in very handy for picking up tracked in dirt, dust, pet hair, and fuzz on my area rugs, especially on the days my back can't handle dragging out the vacuum,” wrote one reviewer. “It's also lightweight enough for me to lift over the garbage can to empty the tray as opposed to bending over with the broom and dustpan. Plus no batteries, cords or charging needed, that way you can still clean if the power goes out.”

Keep an array of messes at bay, and shop the beloved carpet sweeper for just $29 on Amazon.

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