Up your at-home entertaining game with one of these stylish jugs

From glass to ceramics, this septet is proof that you needn’t have to settle for a below-average jug.

As far as the priority list for purchasing kitchenware goes, it may well be that a jug – albeit a stylish one at that – doesn’t make the cut of the top ten.

However, it may pay to consider just what you pour your water/cocktail/beverage of choice from. As the saying goes, the devil really is in the details, so why not get a conversation-starting jug that gets your guest’s tongues wagging? Or perhaps just a jug that sparks joy for you and you alone? There’s an argument to be made here for upgrading whatever you’re currently using to pour your drinks from and, if it’s the tap, well, my job here is done.  

Interiors brand Second Abode has one of the finest selections of one-off and vintage homewares pieces, including a line-up of 70s-esque glass pitchers, while kooky ceramics company Quail designs exotic animal-shaped jugs for those you opt for a slightly more eclectic interior. Use them to store your flowers, or for their original function of pouring you a drink. 

Whatever your aesthetic preference, these are the seven stylish jugs we’re loving right now.  

  • Quail leopard jug

    Quail leopard jug

    This leopard-shaped jug is giving us all kinds of fierce. Whether you use it as a quirky vase or to pour lemonade, this is kitsch done right. 

    Shop Quail leopard jug, £29


  • Hay Jochen Holz glass jug

    Hay Jochen Holz glass jug

    This clashing amber and blue glass jug by Scandinavian interiors brand Hay is as funky as it is functional.

    Shop Hay Jochen Holz glass jug, £35


  • Alice Peto Palm Tree two pint jug

    Alice Peto Palm Tree two pint jug

    With a pretty tropical pink print, this jug is equally as perfect for holding water as it is for holding flowers. It comes with a lovely gold rim, too. 

    Shop Alice Peto Palm Tree two pint jug, £55


  • Second Abode smoked glass pitcher

    Second Abode smoked glass pitcher

    Crafted from sultry smoked glass, Second Abode’s vintage 70s glass jug is crying out to be slotted into your kitchen line-up. 

    Shop Second Abode smoked glass pitcher, £32


  • Oliver Bonas orange ceramic jug

    Oliver Bonas orange ceramic jug

    In a zesty orange hue and in the shape of the fruit itself, this ceramic jug is perfect for al fresco summer dining. 

    Shop Oliver Bonas orange ceramic jug, £59.50


  • Oka urchin jug

    Oka urchin jug

    In a pretty sea blue colour, this urchin-like jug is the jug of dreams. It’s quirky and one hell of a conversation-starter.

    Shop Oka urchin jug, £45


  • Handblown glass pitcher

    Handblown glass pitcher

    The cream of the jug crop comes by way of this second-hand, confetti-print jug is a serious showstopper. 

    Shop Handblown glass pitcher, £43.99


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